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Arkansas site may bear a cross from 1541 expedition

By Aprille Hanson, Published: May 5, 2016      

The first Catholic liturgy is believed to have happened in Arkansas 475 years ago, but archaeologists are now working to authenticate physical proof of that celebration near the St. Francis River, about 40 miles from the Mississippi River. The Parkin... More 

Spring ahead in your faith with Arkansas Catholic

Published: May 4, 2016   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's April 30 issue. Some of the stories and columns in Arkansas Catholic appear only in the print and complete digital editions. To read what you're missing, subscribe... More 

Staff, families pitch in to reduce tuition at Trinity

By Maryanne Meyerriecks, Published: May 3, 2016   

FORT SMITH — Trinity Junior High School gave its families a pleasant surprise for the 2016-17 school year, lowering tuition by $629 for parishioners and non-Catholic families. “It caused a significant buzz in the parishes,” principal... More 

Principal has lifelong connection to Fort Smith school

By Maryanne Meyerriecks, Published: May 2, 2016   

FORT SMITH — Immaculate Conception School has called its principal, Sharon Blentlinger, “Mrs. B” for 30 years, but when Blentlinger first walked through the school’s doors, she was just “Sharon,” a petite first grader... More 

Sixth corporal work of mercy: Visiting the imprisoned

By Marge Fenelon, Published: April 30, 2016   

During this Year of Mercy instituted by Pope Francis, we’re called to become extensions of God’s mercy to others, particularly through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy — acts of charity and love toward others. But one corporal... More 

Joe Mallett has served St. Joseph High School 36 years

By Aprille Hanson, Published: April 29, 2016   

At just 21 years old, Joe Mallett was ready to shadow a St. Joseph School teacher in Conway, part of his college studies. By what some may call rotten luck or serendipity, the teacher quit — something Mallett did not know until the day before he... More 

Diocese will host eight ordination Masses in May, June

Published: April 28, 2016   

The Diocese of Little Rock will host eight ordination Masses in May and June. Receiving the sacraments will be seven men for the transitional diaconate, one man as a permanent deacon and five for the priesthood. • On Wednesday, May 18 Martin Siebold... More 

Board members play critical role in success of school

By Vernell Bowen, Published: April 28, 2016   

The Diocese of Little Rock is blessed to have board members in the parish schools who contribute to the success of the school. The school advisory board members provide expertise and knowledge in areas such as finances, strategic planning from the perspective... More 

Coding Club introduces kids to inner workings of games

By Aprille Hanson, Published: April 28, 2016      

Just like computer coding happens behind the scenes to make objects in a game or in other media move or make sound, students at Christ the King in Little Rock are using math and technology under the guise of projects like video game design.  The... More 

Keep only the ‘stuff’ that is meaningful to you

Published: April 28, 2016   

Dear Dave, How do you decide whether or not to sell collectible memorabilia when you’re getting out of debt? William Dear William, In most cases, there’s a pretty wide spectrum of emotional involvement when it comes to this sort of stuff.... More