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Señor Santo Niño celebrates Filipino Catholic heritage

By Sarah Morris, Published: January 27, 2023      

JONESBORO — As a child in the Philippines, Dixie Caballero grew up participating in the Sinulog, a ritual prayer-dance honoring Señor Santo Niño or the Child Jesus. It is a tradition she is now passing on to her 6-year-old daughter... More 

Paying bills and debts are your father's responsibility

Published: January 26, 2023   

Dear Dave, My husband and I just heard of your plan. We are excited to learn more about money, and we have already saved up $1,000 for our beginner emergency fund. Right now, we have a problem. My father has never taken his finances seriously, and the... More 

Mass, March for Life acknowledge there is still work to do

By Chris Price, Published: January 26, 2023            

A roar went up on the state Capitol grounds and echoed off of surrounding buildings Jan. 23, when Gianna Jessen, featured speaker for the 45th Annual March for Life, led the crowd in a shout of victory. “We won! We won in his name! The people... More 

Thomas’ doubt replaced with humility, faith in God

By Anthony Gehrig, Published: January 24, 2023   

Faith has been a concept I have struggled to grasp throughout my life.  Ever since I can remember, I had questions about my Catholic faith. When I was younger, I would ask plenty of questions to more fully understand the different lessons and... More 

We are not just anti-abortion; we are pro-life

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: January 24, 2023   

Three weeks ago, on the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, Jesus was first revealed as the savior of all nations. Three men were led by a star to the baby whom God had sent to save not only Jews but foreigners as well. But you know, we continue to be... More 

OCA dancer Annalise Stacey keeps Sapphires in rhythm

By Dwain Hebda, Published: January 24, 2023   

Annalise Stacey chuckles knowingly when asked about how far the Ozark Catholic Academy dance program has come in just three years, years coinciding with the junior’s time at the school. From pandemic restrictions in her freshman year to lack of... More 

Arkansan seeks Super Bowl ring from Bengals sidelines

By Dwain Hebda, Published: January 23, 2023   

National Football League fandom is a many-splendored thing. Unlike college football, which tends to galvanize the majority of fans in a given geographic area, NFL teams tend to cultivate a more national following. Thus in Arkansas, while Dallas and New... More 

Karla Alvarez to lead Shreveport’s multicultural ministry

By Chris Price, Published: January 20, 2023   

With the hook of his crosier, Bishop Francis Malone reached into his former parish in Arkansas and snagged one of his prized sheep when he hired Karla Alvarez as the director of multicultural ministry for the Diocese of Shreveport. “Laurie Nick,... More 

Pine Bluff church caretaker wins 2023 Daniel Rudd Award

By Chris Price, Published: January 19, 2023         

The sanctuary of the Cathedral of St. Andrew was filled with peace and promise Saturday, Jan. 14 during the 36th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Mass sponsored by the Diocesan Council for Black Catholics.  Bishop Anthony B. Taylor concelebrated... More 

The Church has failed to live up to ideal of inclusion

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: January 17, 2023   

The greatest unresolved tension the framers of our Constitution tried to finesse was how to reconcile the truth that "all men are created equal" proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence with the highly unequal reality on the ground, which... More