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Marriage & Family 2008

Published: October 25, 2008   
Courtesy Wendel Family
Kathy Wendel (far left) and her husband Paul (far right) lead their children in a weekly family rosary in their Little Rock home. Pictured are Matt (seated on floor in front), Daniel, Annie, Chris, Mary Kate and Michael (back left to right). See "Three families make time to focus on faith."

Click on a headline below to read selected stories from the special 2008 Marriage & Family section which appeared in the Oct. 25, 2008, issue of Arkansas Catholic.

  • Three families make time to focus on faith
    Sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in a day. Often, time spent together as a family comes second to the demands of work, school, housekeeping and extracurricular activities. Yet, many families find a way to thwart the modern dynamic of everyone going in opposite directions. In these homes parents bring the family together by making shared faith experiences a top priority.

  • Domestic violence is never acceptable in eyes of Church
    Too often —- more frequently than most of us realize —- friends and relatives who entered what they believed to be a relationship of mutually growing care and concern, find it has disintegrated into the opposite.

  • Abuse violates God’s plan for marriage
    God made us in his image. He is our father and he demands that in all that we do, we show respect and love for each other. The Church sees any form of abuse on a person as a serious offense against the law of God.

  • Pocahontas mother draws strength from her faith in trials
    Mustering her courage, Regina Baltz, 68, takes a deep breath and prepares to meet a new day. She reaches for her rosary beads, spends time with her Lord to gain the courage and strength for the task at hand.

  • How to pray for your children
    The following prayer intentions also come with corresponding Bible verses to help you teach your children.

  • Retrouvaille offers hope and support for couples in pain
    Like all couples, Jo and Quentin Lauer don’t always see eye to eye. He is extroverted, while she is introverted. He is “more light-hearted” while she is “more serious.” And then there’s the obvious: he’s a man and she’s a woman. That fact alone makes communication difficult.

  • Recovering couple says ‘any marriage is worth fighting for’
    Amanda and Edwin Smith liked to party on weekends. They became “drinking buddies” while dating and continued to do so into their marriage. Though alcohol had always been part of their social life, over time, its importance grew. It grew to the point that in 2000, they realized that drinking was no longer a choice, it was an obsession.

  • Young Fayetteville couple go to Mass as often as they can
    For Adam and Sarah Eichler, their love of God and the Church are central to their lives and their marriage, and they couldn’t imagine living any other way. It’s been that way since they started dating — they prayed together on their first date.

  • What have you done for your marriage today?
    The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops launched the For Your Marriage Web site in 2007 as part of its National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage. It is a collaborative project of the USCCB Committees on Communications and Marriage and Family Life.

  • Family Life Programs
    The Family Life Office of the Diocese of Little Rock offers the following ministries.

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