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Jubilee! A series in celebration of service

Published: June 1, 2006   

Click on a headline below to read about priests profiled in Arkansas Catholic during their priesthood jubilee year.

  • For 25 years Msgr. Friend said 'yes' to Hispanics, vocations
    Msgr. Scott Friend, 25th anniversary in 2012

  • Father Michael Bass found a place to call home in the Church
    Father Michael Bass, 25th anniversary in 2012

  • Father Suenram: 'Vocation puts order into a jumble of circumstance'
    Father John Magdalene Suenram, OCD, 25th anniversary in 2012

  • Coming to Arkansas was part of God's plan for Father Preske parish
    Father Venantius "Vincent" Preske, 60th anniversary in 2012

  • Oldest diocesan priest still a fixture at Springdale parish
    Father Milton Lange, 60th anniversary in 2012

  • Holy Spirit led Father Wood to Catholic Church, priesthood
    Father Father Mark Wood, 25th anniversary in 2012

  • Father Dienert’s priesthood journey led him to Arkansas
    Father Robert Dienert, 50th anniversary in 2012

  • Long life of service begins at and leads to Marylake for jubilarian
    Father Sam Anthony Morello, OCD, 50th anniversary in 2012

  • Father Peter Sharum served as pastor, teacher for 58 years
    Father Peter Sharum, 60th anniversary in 2012

  • His parents' example and sister's death were pastor's inspirations
    Father John Marconi, 25th anniversary in 2012

  • Father Bill Elser's childhood dream was to become a priest
    Father Bill Elser, 25th anniversary in 2011

  • Father John Oswald found joy in teaching mathematics
    Father John Oswald, 50th anniversary in 2011

  • Father David Bellinghausen finds harmony as monk, priest
    Father David Bellinghausen, 25th anniversary in 2011

  • On 25th anniversary, Father West returning to Hot Springs
    Father James West, 25th anniversary in 2011

  • Paris pastor known for art in metal
    Father Eugene Luke, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2011

  • Retiree from Kansas makes an impression on Hot Springs Village
    Father Vic Bieberle, 60th anniversary in 2011

  • Father Pallo retiring, making move to California near family
    Father Joseph L. Pallo, 50th anniversary in 2011

  • Msgr. Hebert marks 50th anniversary, plans move to N.M.
    Msgr. J. Gaston Hebert, 50th anniversary in 2010

  • Father Murrin heard the call of God from early in childhood
    Father Donald Murrin, SVD, 50th anniversary in 2010

  • God always found a way for Father Frank Lowe to serve
    Father Frank Lowe, 25th anniversary in 2010

  • Former Subiaco teacher, headmaster marks 25 years as priest
    Father Aaron Pirrera, OSB, 25th anniversary in 2010

  • Msgr. Sebaugh's parents prayed for a priest in the family
    Msgr. Thomas Sebaugh, 50th anniversary in 2009

  • Priest served as teacher, pastor, chaplain before retirement in 2007
    Father Placidus Eckart, OSB, 60th anniversary in 2009

  • 'Every parish has become my family,' Msgr. Kordsmeier says
    Msgr. John Kordsmeier, 60th anniversary in 2009

  • Father Hart got confirmation all along: He could be a priest
    Father Gregory Hart, 25th anniversary in 2009

  • Father Hilary Filiatreau still serves at age 87
    Father Hilary Filiatreau, OSB, 60th anniversary in 2009

  • From railroad to rural life, Father Burnie reflects on priesthood
    Father James "Jim" Burnie, CSSp, 25th anniversary in 2009

  • Carmelite spends 50 years in parishes, teaching spirituality
    Father Raphael Kitz, OCD, 50th anniversary in 2009

  • Nearing 85th birthday, Bishop McDonald grateful for priesthood
    Bishop Emeritus Andrew J. McDonald, 60th anniversary in 2008

  • Father Keller says 1989 conversion led him back to traditions
    Father Thomas Keller, 50th anniversary in 2008

  • Father Hugh well-known by Subiaco students for 50 years
    Father Hugh Assenmacher, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2008

  • Priest moved from Nashville to Subiaco
    Father Brendan Miller, OSB, 25th anniversary in 2008

  • Spiritan priest gives back after missionaries evangelized him
    Father Gregory Mallya, CSSp, 25th anniversary in 2008

  • Celebrating Mass for 50 years a highlight for Father Rossi
    Father Raymond Rossi, 50th anniversary in 2008

  • Priest a founding member of African ministry
    Father Camillus Cooney, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2006

  • Monk influenced by Franciscans, Benedictines
    Father Victor Gillespie, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2006

  • Scranton pastor: Vocation 'grew gradually'
    Father Denis Soerries, OSB, 50th anniversary in 2006

  • After 60 years as a priest, Father Enderlin finally slows down
    Father Joseph Enderlin, 60th anniversary in 2006

  • Msgr. Marczuk: 25 years, 493 baptisms and 11,396 Masses
    Msgr. Scott Marczuk, 25th anniversary in 2006

  • Bentonville pastor says job is to empower staff, parishioners
    Father Michael Sinkler, 25th anniversary in 2006

  • He planned to become a professor, but God had other plans
    Father Clayton Gould, 25th anniversary in 2006

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