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Boeckmann dedicates days, weekends to parish

Published: June 16, 2012   
Sarah Morris
Henry Boeckmann reads from the lectern during Sunday Mass at St. Peter Church in Wynne. Boeckmann, who previously worked in farming, works full time for the parish as an office assistant.

Name: Henry Boeckmann

Parish: St. Peter Church

City: Wynne

Age: 42

Family: Mother, Gerta Boeckmann

Why you want to know Henry: As the parish's office assistant, Henry Boeckmann is ready to help pastor Father Arokiasamy Madhichetty Irudayaraj and administrative assistant Louise Hess with office and liturgical duties. On Sundays he is a lector and extraordinary minister of holy Communion. He occasionally takes Communion to the homebound and sick.

In his own words

Arkansas Catholic's theme this year is “Catholic Beyond Sunday.” How do you remain committed as a Catholic beyond Sunday? I try to pray every day and I, like most Catholics learn to do as children, do a morning offering. I try to see God's plan in everything. I think if you pay attention during the day you can see clues that God is really present with you.

How long have you been a member at this parish? Have you been Catholic all your life? I've been a member here about 20 years at St. Peter's. I don't think I was baptized until I was a week old, so those first seven days, I could have gone either way I guess.

Why do you like being Catholic? I like the way Father Ed (Graves, the former St. Peter's pastor) said it one time, comparing the Catholic Church to other Christian denominations. You know, the Catholic Church is like the supreme pizza of Christian religion. We have it all — we have all the sacraments, we have all the doctrine, we have all those great helps available to us that not all Christians are aware of. The Catholic Church is just a wonderfully rich institution with so many things to help you when you are trying to live a good life. We don't think about that every day, but it's wonderful to have your religious freedom so you can practice your religion and it's wonderful to have all those resources to help practice with because that's what we Catholics have.

What is the best thing about this parish? There's sort of a family feeling to it … There are occasionally newcomers, but it's just most of the time you feel like you know everybody around you pretty well.

What was your previous occupation? I did farm with my dad for several years. My father (now deceased) got sick with Alzheimer's several years ago and so he retired from farming and another family member leased our land, and I wound up helping out in the church. Then I began working full time for several years.

Growing up, did you consider a future career working for the local parish? I expected to be actively involved in the church all of my life, but I wasn't sure of the role I would play. I thought it would vary throughout the years.

What is the best part about working full-time for your parish? The most satisfying part about working at the church is that you are contributing in some way. I know I am at least trying to do my part.

What are your hobbies? Reading and work on the computer

What is your favorite saint or Scripture verse? That would have to be the Blessed Mother. I think she is the most wonderful of the saints and if you are in the habit of prayer, especially the rosary, I think that can help you with most any problem. It's really powerful help.


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