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Stuttgart Catholic passionate about parish, education

Kathy Lorince balances family life with parish, school duties at Holy Rosary Church

Published: September 12, 2013   
Kathy Lorince has been a teacher and principal at Holy Rosary Church in Stuttgart for the past 14 years. She oversees many fundraisers at the school in order to keep tuition low and keep the school open. She became Catholic in 1989.

Name: Kathy Lorince

Parish: Holy Rosary Church

City: Stuttgart

Age: 52

Family: Husband David and son Alan

Why you want to know Kathy: Lorince is the principal at Holy Rosary School and teaches kindergarten and first grade. She is in the church choir and the chairwoman for Gala Circle, which she described as the working women’s altar society. She also administers Communion to the sick and is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma.

In her own words

Arkansas Catholic’s theme this year is centered on the Church’s Year of Faith. How does the role of principal/teacher enrich your faith?

It is by teaching those children the basic beliefs we hold in the Catholic Church.

What is your education background?

My bachelor’s (degree in) education is from the University of Central Arkansas. This will be my 30th year of teaching, of which 14 years was at Holy Rosary and 16 years spent in public schools. My background is in special education so I taught public school children morals, character education and to be the best they could be. The main change is that I can accomplish more now. We can now pray, we attend church twice a week and it is a big difference to be able to see their faith develop.

Holy Rosary is one of the smallest Catholic schools in the state. How are you able to maintain a school this size while other larger Catholic schools are closing?

We have great support from our parents, the parish and people who used to go to school here. We don’t want to raise our tuition so we do a lot of fundraisers. It takes support from everyone — the parish, parents, teachers and the community in general.

How does your work as both educator and choir member fit into your family’s schedule?

It keeps you busy. You have to prioritize. Your family has to be understanding and they are.

Have you been a Catholic all your life?

No. I was raised Baptist. Before we married, David and I went to my church on Saturdays and his church on Sundays. After we got married, we went to his church because I felt comfortable. I became Catholic in 1989 after my son was born.

Why do you like being Catholic?

When we first started dating, what really impressed me about David is that no matter where he was, he attended church. The Catholic Church is universal in its teachings. No matter where you are, it is the same at each church.

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