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A Catholic you want to know: Dr. Milburn Haynes

Texarkana dentist never too busy to give back in community, church

Published: July 10, 2015   
Fran Presley
In addition to Dr. Milburn Haynes’ busy dental practice, he takes time to treat patients who cannot pay.

Why you want to know Dr. Milburn Haynes: Milburn is an expert cook and has cooked for numerous functions at St. Edward through the years. He is always willing to provide food when called upon. Milburn is also a dentist with a busy practice, who takes time to gives his services to those who cannot pay.

Parish: St. Edward

City: Texarkana

Age: 65

Family: Wife Mary Catherine, married 44 years; three adult children and four grandchildren


Arkansas Catholic’s theme this year is “Worth It.” What investments of time or money have you made recently to enrich your faith?

I have attended three men’s three-day retreats at Manresa House of Retreats at the Jesuit retreat center in Convent, La. These are silent retreats where we are instructed in spiritual exercises and directions based on St. Ignatius’ way of looking at God.

What is your education background?

I hold a B.S. degree from the University of Arkansas. I went straight to dental school after graduation, where I earned a DDS from the University of Tennessee.

What have been your opportunities for dental charity work?

I have helped in three free dental clinics in Texarkana. The clinics are conducted by Christus St. Michael Health System in conjunction with the Texas Dental Association Smile Foundation. I have also helped with a free clinic in Mesquite, Texas.

In September I will assist with another free clinic in Lubbock, Texas. I serve on the board of the Texas Dental Association Smile Foundation. I have gone on a medical mission trip to Peru. I do a lot of charity work in my office, where needy people are referred to me by service organizations and the Catholic churches in Texarkana. Also, I helped set up the St. Michael Health System dental clinic, called Prime Care Genesis. Students in the dental health field come to my clinic to observe firsthand every aspect of dentistry.

As a result of your charity work, what have you learned about the plight of the poor?

There are so many people who get hardly any health care at all. For example, the other volunteer dentists and I had 490 people come to our recent free health clinic. The condition of a person’s teeth affects health in many different ways, so dental care is very important. 

Have there been particular people who have inspired you?

My parents are my example. They have lived lives of compassion and love towards everyone. 

How long have you been a Catholic?

I was Baptist when I married Mary Catherine 44 years ago. I started going to the Catholic church with her right after our marriage and became a Catholic 35 years ago.

What are some of your contributions to St. Edward?

I have cooked whenever the church has a need for food. For example, I have cooked on Friday nights during Lent and have cooked for the Parish Life Committee.

What are your hobbies?

I love being with my children and grandchildren, and I like cooking, hunting, golf, baseball and gardening.

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