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Wendy Fernandez: Paying it Forward

Holy Cross parishioner wants to one day bring cardiology clinic to hometown

Published: August 28, 2015   
Wendy Fernandez

When Wendy Fernandez received her first Communion and confirmation in the ninth grade, she was on a mission — she wanted to serve the Lord as an altar server at Holy Cross Church in Crossett.

“I just like to be a helping hand for the priest,” the 19-year-old said, adding that she’s paid it forward. For about two years, she’s helped to train children to be altar servers, including one of her sisters.

She’s also passed her wisdom along to middle school students when she substituted in PRE and helped with Vacation Bible School. She remembers how one of her students wanted to get revenge on his bully, but she let him know “there was no point.”

“I was getting bullied in the seventh grade, and the more I got involved with the church and going more often and reading the Bible I told him … you have to make peace with everyone and yourself,” she said.

The sophomore pre-med major at Henderson State University at Arkadelphia hopes to open a cardiology clinic one day in Hamburg.

“I want to come back and not leave that church,” Fernandez said. “Having faith in myself and God, I know it can be possible.”

What one question would you want to ask Jesus?

“Why is it that we have to love our enemies even if they hurt us so much? Because every place I’ve been, there’s that one person … I don’t know how God does that, how he deals with loving everybody.”


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