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Luke Stovall: Putting Young Adults to Work

Stovall founded Catholic Young Professionals Service Organization

Published: August 28, 2015   
Aprille Hanson
Luke Stovall, 30, founder of the Catholic Young Professionals Service Organization, has helped work on the Pope Francis House, a project by Habitat for Humanity of Pulaski County with help from Catholic Charities of Arkansas.

Luke Stovall decided he would quit searching for a church group that meets the unique volunteer needs of a young Catholic in the working world. Instead, he founded the diocesan-approved Catholic Young Professionals Service Organization.

“I’ve always enjoyed volunteering,” Stovall said. “I literally just got on the horn with several different organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Our House and Arkansas Food Bank and asked, ‘What do you need we can get people to help out?’ ”

The organization has about 75 young adult volunteers, about double since its launch in March. Stovall, 30 and a member of the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Little Rock, posts volunteer opportunities on the group’s Facebook page. Even if someone can come for just 30 minutes to one volunteer opportunity, but not another, they are welcomed. The flexibility has made it unique, said Stovall, a project development engineer for the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

“I think my favorite project hasn’t happened yet,” Stovall said. “The ultimate goal is for the group to be self-sustaining — everybody shares their own opportunities to be involved.”

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