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Hannah Price and Marc Gates: Engaged in the faith

Published: August 26, 2016   
Hannah Price and Marc Gates

The fact that Jacksonville natives Hannah Price, 25, and Marc Gates, 26, grew up to become husband and wife isn’t particularly surprising. The couple, who will marry Sept. 24, have known each other most of their lives, growing up in the parish religious education, altar server and youth ministry activities at St. Jude Church in Jacksonville.

What does set the twosome apart is the lengths to which they have gone to pass the faith along. In high school, they regularly attended March for Life and Weekend Extravaganza, providing a pro-life witness. Starting in 2010, they spent five years teaching fourth-grade religious education classes at their home parish.

“It was because of my mom (Paula Price). She taught PRE for 15 years before she became the (director of religious education),” Hannah said. “I always saw her teaching, and I always wanted to do that. And she taught fourth grade. I think that’s why I decided that that was the grade I wanted.”

Marc tagged along with Hannah’s desire to teach and the couple quickly became role models for students and peers alike on how to live a Christian life according to Catholic teaching.

“The draw was just to teach young children about the way of God and be role models for them so that they can live a good and productive life of faith,” Marc said. “We met and have everything through the faith, and we keep our values and our goals aligned with the Church. We just try to do our best to lead by example and be productive members of the Church.”

The couple will relocate with Marc’s job as a freight analyst in Portland after the wedding; Hannah works in sales.


• If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

“Probably Hawaii because of all the beaches. I would just love to live by the beach,” Hannah said.


• What is at the top of your bucket list? Why?

“My bucket list would probably be to travel around the world or to live on a tropical island,” Marc said.

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