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Published: June 14, 2017   

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Global relations cool as earth’s climate warms

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Catholic leaders said President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change agreement snubs the needs of impoverished people around the world and eschews responsibility to begin addressing the causes of global warming.


A reception was held May 24 at the St. Joseph Parish Hall Dining Room in Conway for middle school principal Susie Freyaldenhoven in honor of her retirement after 19 years of service. (Photo)

Vincentians fund group to advocate for prison sentence reform

Changing people’s minds about the death penalty and life without parole starts with one person willing to call, educate and advocate for the truth, hoping that the truth continues to travel through communities and ultimately throughout the state.

Baseball honors

Several Catholic high school baseball players landed post-season honors, including ... (Sports briefs)


James William Moore, 94, a member of Immaculate Conception Church in Fort Smith, died May 6. He is survived by ...

Church endorsements of political candidates would cause division

If you’re like most Americans, you may not have heard of the Johnson Amendment prior to the 2016 presidential campaign. The Johnson Amendment is a provision of the U.S. tax code that prohibits non-profit organizations, including churches, from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. The penalty for such a violation can include the loss of the organization’s tax-exempt status. (Understanding our Church, Seeds of Faith)

What is your favorite hobby?

“My favorite hobby is to play in the church girls basketball league. I like the competition, even if we don’t win it feels like we have won. The girls on the team are like ...” (Youthspeak, Seeds of Faith)

‘Let your yes mean yes’: Be honest to others

Rachel Gardner has a bad habit: She says yes when she ought to say no. A friend will ask to do lunch on Wednesday. “I say, ‘of course,’” Rachel recounts, “and in my head, I can see my totally squashed schedule.” (Columns)

Don’t let fear stop you from traveling

Scary events seem to be increasing around the world, and it could make us fearful to travel to another country. (Editorial)

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