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Kyle and Hannah Zinno: Young disciples

Couple helps educate youth in ministry and school at St. Joseph in Conway

Published: August 31, 2017   
Aprille Hanson
Kyle and Hannah Zinno, parishioners at St. Joseph Church in Conway, each discerned religious life before being called to marriage. They both work for the parish and have a five-month-old daughter Genevieve.

For Kyle and Hannah Zinno, life is about discerning God’s plan. After both contemplated religious life, the two realized they were called to marriage. Kyle, who spent three years with the Salesians of Don Bosco, said the time of discernment “formed me to be a disciple,” with his wife adding it taught him how to be “a very clean man,” learning how to scrub a toilet and such.

“Seminary really helped me develop a habit of prayer and study and just really gave me a foundation of discerning my vocation,” Kyle, 27, said. “When we started, we really wanted to discern marriage together, not just casually dating. The seminary definitely helped with that.”

Married three years, the couple serves St. Joseph Church in Conway. Kyle, who has taught religion, is teaching history this year at St. Joseph High School, his alma mater, and Hannah, who spent last year as the parish youth minister, will work as the youth ministry assistant, giving more time to care for their five-month-old daughter Genevieve.

“The greatest thing I learned was it’s not about anything I do. At the end of the day it’s about what he’s working in their hearts,” Hannah, 26, said of youth ministry. “I can do what I can do, but it’s never going to change hearts like he can. I’m just a vessel I think.”

While life with a baby can be hectic, the couple stays grounded with prayer.

“Our lifeline has always been the rosary. That’s kind of where our relationship started, praying the rosary together, and that was what we did during our courtship and what kind of kept us centered,” Hannah said. “Whenever we noticed those times where we’re not really praying together as much as we should, we always know we have the rosary.”


If you could meet Pope Francis, what would you ask him?

“To bless Genevieve.” (Kyle)

“She’s going to be a saint one day. We’re hoping if we don’t make it, she’s going to make it.” (Hannah)

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