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Published: September 30, 2017   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's Sept. 30 issue. 

Blessed Stanley Rother ‘authentic light’ for Church

OKLAHOMA CITY (CNS) -- If the martyrdom of Blessed Stanley Francis Rother “fills us with sadness,” it also “gives us the joy of admiring the kindness, generosity and courage of a great man of faith,” Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes, said Sept. 23 in Oklahoma City.

Big? ‘When was the last time a kid did that?’

ARLINGTON, Va. -- When Francis “FX” Giaccio began his lawn-mowing business in May, the 11-year-old saw beyond the possibility of making enough money to buy a Lego set or a new phone. He saw an opportunity.

Mexicans respond to quake with generosity, worry about politicians

CUERNAVACA, Mexico -- Donations from Caritas chapters across Mexico started streaming into affected areas after an earthquake rocked central Mexico Sept. 19, claiming more than 300 lives, leveling homes and churches and leaving thousands homeless.

Pope: Church late fighting abuse; promises ‘zero tolerance’

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis has endorsed an approach of “zero tolerance” toward all members of the Church guilty of sexually abusing minors or vulnerable adults.

Is football talk appropriate during Mass?

Q. A retired priest says one of the Sunday Masses each week at our parish. During football season, after the opening hymn, he spends a couple of minutes commenting on the football game that our local team played the day before. (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

Patience, prayers will pay off before meeting future spouse

As parents, we have often heard we should pray for our children’s spouses. Although we have adopted this practice into the prayer life of the family, many times it is a forgotten intention. Understandably, it is praying for a faceless, nameless, mysterious individual. When even hurricanes have names, it is easy to see how one could fail to recall this nebulous petition. (Columns)

‘Ordinary’ Oklahoman on path to sainthood

The first recognized American martyr can now be venerated among the faithful. Since Father Stanley Rother was beatified Sept. 23 in Oklahoma City, the stories of his life and death are now spreading across the country and world. (Editorial)

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