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Published: October 11, 2017   

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Reacting to Las Vegas

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The nation has experienced “yet another night filled with unspeakable terror,” and “we need to pray and to take care of those who are suffering,” said the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington.

Campaign urges caring though U.S. refugee limits tighten

WASHINGTON -- A prayer here, a share on social media there, a voice of support in a letter to the editor, even a get-to-know-others potluck.

Catholic Charities USA, Knights sending aid to Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Catholic Charities USA has sent $1 million in emergency aid to Caritas Puerto Rico, the Catholic Charities agency on the island, and the Knights of Columbus is including Puerto Rico in its expanded emergency relief outreach to areas hit hard by recent natural disasters.

Congressman Scalise credits prayer for recovery after shooting

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Three and a half months after he was shot during an early morning baseball practice, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, the House majority whip, received thunderous applause and standing ovations from the House floor Sept. 28 where he attributed his recovery to the power of prayer.

Congress urged to let worship places seek federal aid after disasters hit

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Lawmakers in Washington were urged to approve a bill introduced in Congress to ensure the fair and equal treatment for houses of worship damaged in natural disasters “by enabling them to seek aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

In Puebla, Mexico, people still praying but churches fall

PUEBLA, Mexico -- The legend goes that there are 365 churches in San Pedro Cholula, one for every day of the year.

Peace can be gained from understanding our venial and mortal sins

I entered the confessional to confess my sins to the priest -- spoken aloud, in humility and with true repentance. Recalling the criteria of mortal sin, that it is grave or serious matter, that one knows it is sinful and finally that one freely chooses to commit the sin, I knew that I needed to ask the confessor a question, “Is this particular sin a mortal sin?” Because it was grave matter even though well catechized, I could not determine on my own whether or not I was freely choosing to do it. Did I fully consent with my will? (Understanding our Church, Seeds of Faith)

How do you promote respect for life?

“Everyone has the chance to have a good life. We can promote respect for life by becoming more active for worthy causes, such as March of Dimes. We can also promote the respect for life by giving of ourselves, literally. By donating blood, bone marrow or plasma, we are ...” (Youthspeak, Seeds of Faith)

Cyber bullies and the Father Martin controversy

The Theological College in Washington, the national seminary of The Catholic University of America, recently canceled a lecture by Jesuit Father James Martin. (Columns)

What can the Church do to curb violence?

In the everyday situations of life, we are seeing so much pain. Whether it is at work, or school or enjoying entertainment, innocent people are being gunned down. (Editorial)

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