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CASA supporters can shine lights of ministry across state

Theme 'Be a Light Shining in the Darkness' acknowledges dark times in the Church

Published: February 2, 2019      
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Teens dance to kick-start a morning session of the annual Catholic Youth Ministry Convention in April 2018. Youth programs benefit from donations to the Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal.

For the past nine years the Diocese of Little Rock has kept its annual appeal set for $2 million.

During that time Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal has helped fund countless diocesan programs and offices, offer grants to Catholic schools and religious education programs, and renovate buildings at St. John Center in Little Rock.

CASA has also helped to build the House of Formation and House of Formation annex.

This year’s CASA campaign will begin Feb. 2-3 during all Masses. A video/audio homily by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor will be shared and pledge cards and envelopes will be distributed.

Each family is asked to pledge 1 percent of their annual gross (pre-tax) income. The gift can be made at one time or paid over 10 months by check, electronic check or credit card.

Dianne Brady, diocesan development director, said CASA was $170,000 short of its goal in 2018. Last year the diocese was able to raise $1,831,000 from 5,635 donors. The average gift was $152.55.

This year’s theme is “Be a Light Shining in the Darkness.” 

“This last year we have experienced several disturbing chapters of this ongoing struggle between the light and the darkness,” Bishop Taylor said in his recorded homily. “But as we proclaim at Christmas and see every Easter the light of Christ is stronger than any darkness we will have to face.”

During the “time of darkness” CASA funds will be used to continue operation of many diocesan programs and offices. 

Bishop Taylor said the light of the diocese can be seen in the fact that from 2017 to 2019 the diocese will have 18 new diocesan and Benedictine priests, plus 60 men in formation to become deacons.

“The light is stronger than the darkness,” he said.

This year CASA will continue to support the renovation of St. John Center in Little Rock. The diocese completed its update of Fletcher Hall in January 2018 with support from CASA funds. In 2019 CASA will pay for the weatherproofing and painting of the outside of Morris Hall as well as new lighting in Morris and Fitzgerald halls.

Programs to be supported by CASA 2019 are:

• Diocesan ministries, $550,000

• St. John Center renovations, $575,000

• Parish and mission support, $120,000

• Youth and campus ministry, $230,000

• Grants to Catholic schools, $100,000

• Grants to faith formation programs, $100,000

• Seminarian expenses, $75,000

• Catholic Charities of Arkansas, $100,000

• Catholic Adoption Services, $50,000

For more information, call (501) 664-0340 or visit

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