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Increase faith and decrease excess for growth this Lent

Published: March 7, 2019   


• Pray the rosary every day

• Attend daily Mass or at least one more day a week

• Figure out what you struggle with and practice it for Lent

• Read the Gospel of the day and journal about it

• Join a Bible study in your parish

• Find a book you can read with a group of Catholic friends

• Listen to Catholic podcasts instead of the radio in the car 

• Evangelize more on social media, like sharing Scripture or reflections

• Dedicate each day to a special person in your life. The day before, text, email or call them to tell them that you are praying for them throughout the day. Ask them if they have any specific prayer requests.

• Write one thank-you note each day to a family member, friend or coworker to tell them what you appreciate about them and pray for them that day.

• Compliment at least one stranger each day



• Give up Starbucks or coffee completely

• Give up secular television or radio stations

• Turn off the data on your phone and only use WiFi, in order to reduce phone use

• Give up social media

• Stop eating baked goods, fried food or fast food

• Give up Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video

• Make no online purchases throughout Lent

• Give up shopping for fashion or beauty for 40 days


Ideas compiled from Blessed Is She Facebook users

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