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Published: April 17, 2019   

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Pope Francis reflects on faith, future of young in Church

VATICAN CITY -- The life of a young person and the vocation to which God calls each one is “holy ground” that pastors and parents must respect, nurture and encourage, Pope Francis wrote in a new apostolic exhortation.

Pope: Fight fake news

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis told a group of journalists to deliver facts and objective reporting, not fake news and rumors.

‘Critical situation’ for Christians fleeing Syria

BRUSSELS (CNS) -- Aside from humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees and concrete efforts to help them return to their homeland, the international community should work toward eradicating the roots of wars and violence, an archbishop from Lebanon told members of a political party holding the largest number of seats in the European Parliament.

Conference hopes to uproot prejudice against Pharisees

ROME -- Presenting the Pharisees as self-righteous hypocrites concerned more with the law than with people is prejudicial, biblically inaccurate and offensive to many Jews, several scholars said.

Rohr’s newest book suffers from terrible biblical amnesia

The central claim of Richard Rohr’s new book, “The Universal Christ,” is that there is a fundamental distinction between Jesus of Nazareth, on the one hand, and the universal Christ, on the other. Jesus was a human being who lived and died 2,000 years ago; the universal Christ is an ever-present and all-encompassing presence that, while quintessentially expressed in Jesus of Nazareth, is also manifest both in and as every created thing. (Book review)

‘The Kids Are Alright’ injects Catholic themes into prime-time sitcom

WASHINGTON -- If you read enough interviews with actors, you’ll get to a point in the interview where they say they don’t like to see themselves on the screen. That doesn’t mean, though, they swear off the screen and stage entirely. (TV review)

Can non-Christians receive salvation, too?

Q. Recently someone close to me said anyone who does not believe in and follow Jesus will not go to heaven. References were made to John 14:6 (“No one comes to the Father except through me”) and Acts 4:12 (“There is no salvation through anyone else, nor is there any other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved”). (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

Revelations from ‘Unplanned’: fire, innocence and real love

I saw the movie “Unplanned” this weekend. It hit me hard. (Columns)

Vaccination is a moral obligation for parents

Not only do vaccines protect you and your children from disease, but when high percentages of the population are immunized, the whole population benefits, including people who are vulnerable and unable to receive immunizations. (Guest Commentary)

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