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Published: February 12, 2020   
CNS / Tyler Orsburn

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Vatican donates masks to China to combat virus outbreak

VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican donated thousands of protective masks to several Chinese provinces affected by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

Parties work to bring U.S., Russia together to discuss arms reduction

WASHINGTON -- An effort is underway through nongovernmental channels to bring U.S. and Russian negotiators together to discuss new reductions in the countries’ nuclear weapons arsenals, an official with the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development said during a visit to The Catholic University of America.

How do I explain original sin to a skeptic?

Q. How do I explain original sin to a fallen-away Catholic? He won’t accept anything from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He asked me, “Why are people born thousands of years after the fall held accountable for something they didn’t do?” (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

College golf

Lauren Loeb has signed a letter of intent to compete on the golf team for ... (Sports briefs)

It’s important to talk about God and grief with your children

February is a tough month for our family, bringing the anniversaries of our twins’ deaths. Each year I find myself answering hard questions from our sons about their sisters. Why did they die? Where are they now? Will I get to see them again? (Columns)

Breaking chains of poverty with Catholic schools

When I hear that a Catholic school closes or struggles to stay open, my heart aches. There are more than 14 million school-age Catholic children in our country, 8 million of them Hispanic. (Columns)

Plan should honor dignity of Palestinians

Hopes of a permanent peace among Israel and the Palestinian state unfortunately will not rest with the new plan proposed by the Trump administration. (Editorial)

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