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Published: March 24, 2021   
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Ethicists address questions on coronavirus vaccine testing

CLEVELAND -- Use of the coronavirus vaccines currently being administered nationwide has sparked questions about how the medicines are manufactured and the ongoing testing underway to assure their effectiveness.

Lent meditation: Jesus wasn't just good, he is God

VATICAN CITY -- Plenty of non-Christians believe that Jesus was a real person and that what he taught can make the world a better place, but what makes a person a Christian is believing that Jesus is God, said the preacher of the papal household.

Vatican: General absolution is still permissible 

VATICAN CITY -- Offering general absolution to the faithful without having them personally confess their sins first may still be done in places seeing serious or increasing levels of coronavirus infections, a Vatican official said.


Newton “Newt” Hayes Foster, 94, a member of Mary Mother of God Church in Harrison, died Feb. 28. He is survived by …

Taylor to indoor nationals

Kieran Taylor, a graduate of Our Lady of the Holy Souls School and Catholic High School, has been making waves for the University of Arkansas track and field team. On Feb. 27, he … (Sports briefs)

We honor a man of action, with a father’s heart, in salvation history 

You have heard the phrase, “A man of few words.” This year is dedicated to such a person. In fact, no words of his are recorded in Scripture, yet his actions are crucial to salvation history. Though a first-century man, the Church did not officially encourage devotion to him until the 16th century. Now, two feast days in his honor are designated on the Church calendar: March 19 and May 1. (Understanding our Church, Seeds of Faith)

What social justice teaching are you passionate about?

“I am most passionate about being pro-life. As a Catholic, this means that I believe in life from conception to natural death. This means that I am against abortion, euthanasia, the death sentence, among others. ..." (Youthspeak, Seeds of Faith)

How to properly dispose of religious items?

Q. What is the proper way to dispose of the medals, rosaries, small crucifixes, etc., that many Catholic organizations mail out unsolicited? I have enough of everything. (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

Reset: How badly do we want to return to Sunday Mass?

What if you had not seen a priest in one year? What if you were a Catholic who had not seen a priest in 60 years?  (Columns)

Reflect on St. Joseph and his humanity

Pope Francis has invited Catholics to focus our attention this year on St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church. I commend him for this invitation. (Columns)

Let’s hold on: Immunity is in our sights

Remember that feeling when you were 4 or 5 years old, knowing your mom would be there to pick you up soon? The school day was almost over. Suddenly tired, anticipation teetered toward a meltdown. (Guest Commentary)

Image of courage seen in Myanmar

Myanmar was once a model for peaceful transition from military rule to a democracy. In 2011 the country began to reform toward political and economic liberalization. (Editorial)

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