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New deacon: Jason Pohlmeier, Fayetteville

Published: June 6, 2022   
Arkansas Catholic File Photo
Deacon Jason Pohlmeier

Jason Pohlmeier, 39

St. Joseph, Fayetteville

Assigned to: St. Joseph, Fayetteville

Employment: Catholic school principal

Wife: Erin 

How did you hear your calling to become a deacon? The idea of a religious vocation was always present in my life, and it was something that I discerned as I grew. … I always felt that the diaconate was not a question of "If?" and more a question of "When?"

What ministries are you currently involved in? Catholic school principal and Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree. My wife and I are certified teachers of natural family planning through the Couple to Couple League.    

Who have been the biggest influences in your diaconate formation? Wife Erin; my brother, Bishop-elect Erik Pohlmeier, has been the formation director for the diaconate program throughout this process. My dad, Deacon Tom Pohlmeier, demonstrated for me every day what it means to be a father and deacon, and I could never overstate the power of his witness.

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