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Published: January 14, 2023   

Many thanks to these friends who joined the Guardian Angels in fall and winter 2022 to help Arkansas Catholic keep people connected to their Church. Members’ gifts through Jan. 5, 2023, add up to $8,345. For more information or to become a Guardian Angel, see Guardians for the Future.

Evangelists ($480+ per year)

Marjorie Hunecker
Mr. & Mrs. James Bruning
Paula Marinoni

Cherubim ($240-479 per year)

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis O’Banion
In honor of Msgr. Gaston Hebert
Mary Alice Veitch
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Winter
Msgr. Richard Oswald

Archangels ($120-239 per year)

Dr. & Mrs. James Gehring
In honor of Msgr. Gaston Hebert
In memory of France and Fratesi Families
In memory of Shaun Michael Hinze
Juan Rosales
Misty Ann Owens
Mr. & Mrs. Travis Beshears
Mr. Paul Weisenfels

Angels ($60-119 per year)

Al Adams
Barbara Menz Bryan
Bray Sheet Metal
Dc. & Mrs. Robert Morris
Fr. Andrew Hart
In memory of Jeff Hertzog
In memory of Samuel Joseph Hurt
In memory of the Semasek Family
John Lingo
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Saad
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Nabholz
Mr. & Mrs. David Bridges
Mr. & Mrs. John Lipsmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Orellano
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Borgognoni
Raymond Gunderman
Richard Michael Bushkuhl
Sr. Kimberly Prohaska, OSB
The Honzik Family
Tim & Brenda Nabholz
Four anonymous donors

Other Friends

Anna Canterbury
Barbara Kearney
Betty J. Moix
Catherine Upton
Concetta Baker
Dolores M. Cross
Dr. & Mrs. John Brandebura Jr.
Elizabeth Dober
Francesca Brockmeyer
Gerry Pinter
Glenn & Janice Hildebrand
In honor of Bishop Anthony B. Taylor
In memory of Leo & Roy Petrino
Isrrael Castro
James Hess
Jeanne Nolte
Joan King
John & Janet Breen
Karen Blaylock
Lazaro Cervantes
Mary Dyer
Merlin Retzlaff
Mr. & Mrs. Bud McCollum
Mr. & Mrs. Danny J. Kordsmeier
Mr. & Mrs. David Ragsdale
Mr. & Mrs. David Teed
Mr. & Mrs. Don Fitz
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Lensing
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Hart
Mr. & Mrs. James Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. James Lockwood
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Robert Wolthuis
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ojezua
Four anonymous donors

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