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Back to school

Catholic students around the state headed off to school with new dreams, goals and backpacks (some courtesy of Pax Christi Little Rock). In this section, you'll read about fiancial benefits for students, from ACE scholarships to new uses for 529 plans, new school principals and Ozark Catholic Academy, the first Catholic high school in Northwest Arkansas in 80 years.

(August 16, 2018)

Special needs, special gifts

Catholics with disabilities seek ways to participate fully in the life of the Church

Whether it’s your son, mother, sister or the man across the aisle at church, we encounter people with disabilities all the time. As Catholics, it is our calling to be welcoming, but too often, people with disabilities stay in the shadows. In this section, you’ll find stories from parishioners with varying disabilities, tips for sacramental preparation for people with special needs and ways to incorporate everyone in the life of the Church.

(July 14, 2018)

Anthony B. Taylor: 10 Years our Bishop

For the past 10 years, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor has been a vocal advocate for social justice, strengthened vocations in the state and has acted as a humble service for the faithful he serves. In this section, you'll find a timeline that highlights his important moments as bishop, quotes from diocesan leaders and religious about his impact and a Q&A where he answers questions about his ministry in Arkansas. 

(June 8, 2018)

Catholic graduates 2018

The next generation of leaders graduated in May with a Catholic education and a deeper understanding of their beliefs. In this section, you’ll read about students who stood out for their academic prowess, talents and struggles they’ve overcome. Learn more about the valedictorians and salutatorians and find your loved one in the lists of all the graduates. Prayers and blessings to our graduates!

(May 29, 2018)

Vocations 2018

On May 26 and June 2, eight men will make their final step to become a priest forever. This is the largest ordination class for the Diocese of Little Rock in more than 60 years. The ordinations will take place at Christ the King Church in Little Rock at 10 a.m. In this section, you'll learn about what the to-be priests have learned in seminary, where they will serve and what kind of priest they hope to be for the faithful in Arkansas. 

(May 17, 2018)