The Official Newspaper of the Diocese of Little Rock

Catholic Schools Herald, November 2019

Inspiration is alive within Catholic schools. In this section, you'll read about an Immaculate Conception student with the "purest" soul, four homecoming queens over two generations and teaching students about perseverance. 


Homecoming queens know what title really means

By Aprille Hanson, Published: November 12, 2019   

In a long dark green dress, Mount St. Mary Academy senior Lily Wewers, 18, anxiously waited on the Catholic High School football field Oct. 11. Her sisters, Grace and Molly Kate Wewers, were close by, hoping to hear her name.  “I was literally mouthing the word ‘Lily,’” said middle sister Molly Kate Wewers, 20, when the announcer was ready to crown this year’s Catholic High School for Boys homecoming queen. Then the moment came: Lily Wewers. “Then More... 

Immaculate Conception athlete known for hugs, big smile

By Dwain Hebda, Published: November 11, 2019   

If there was money to be made in smiles, Cassidy Wharton would be a multi-millionaire. The eighth-grader smiles at the sight of teachers, administrators, office staff, custodians, classmates, coaches, parents, visitors and clergy around Immaculate Conception Church and School in North Little Rock. Even meeting someone for the first time her face practically explodes into a genuine, joyful grin followed by an all-in, full-body hug. “She is the purest of pure as far as her soul,” said More... 

Growth: Teaching students about effort, persistence

By Theresa Hall, Published: November 11, 2019   

We are all familiar with the children’s book “The Little Engine that Could” by Watty Piper. Even though there are many versions of this same story, the plot is the same. The little engine that has a very heavy load has to get over the high mountain.  In which this little locomotive continues to recite over and over, “I think I can … I think I can … I think I can.” And slowly but More... 

Facts about enrollment, test scores in Catholic Schools

Published: November 11, 2019   

The Office of Catholic Schools provided these statistics for the 2019-20 school year in the Diocese of Little Rock.   Enrollment • Schools: 26 • Total enrollment: 6,498 • Elementary enrollment: 4,116 • Secondary enrollment: 1,649 • Percentage of Catholic students: 75.8 • Total enrollment in preschools: 733   Race and Ethnicity • Percent of white students: 89.4 • Percent of multi-racial students: 5 • Percent of Asian students: 3.1 • Percent of black students: 1.9 (The remaining students are Native American, Pacific islanders or unknown.) • Percent of Hispanic students: More...