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Armed with the faith

Though elect and candidates must delay sacraments, they pray and wait with new faith. In this section, you’ll learn about artists who were moved to join the Catholic Church after restoring Stations of the Cross and statues in Texarkana. You’ll also find the list of names of those who plan on entering the Church this year, a parish who utilizes a shorter RCIA process and words of comfort in uncertain times from Father Erik Pohlmeier.  


Personalized process is goal of Conway parish program

By Aprille Hanson, Published: April 13, 2020      

CONWAY — For 17 years, Bill Lampe attended Masses each weekend with his wife Tina and three children at St. Joseph Church in Conway, even though he was not Catholic. Though he was baptized in the Baptist faith, he was committed to the Catholic Church and even attempted RCIA classes 10 years ago. But as an assistant football coach at Conway High School, assistant basketball coach at Conway Junior High and a PE teacher, sticking More... 

Set on fire with Jesus’ love: artists called to Catholicism

By Aprille Hanson, Published: April 10, 2020   

Each brush stroke on a painting, no matter how fluid it is in the moment, is placed with precision to eventually create a masterpiece. In life, the strokes are merely moments in the bigger picture. There are lighter shades, the joyful turns that can set someone on a new path, mixed with the darker, unexpected sorrows, all swirled together for someone’s life story. For Joel and Sarah Wright, what began as an artistic job led to a More... 

RCIA in time of uncertainty: Pray and wait

By Father Erik Pohlmeier, Published: April 9, 2020   

One of the key images of our transition from Lent to Easter is the light that pierces the darkness. Our Easter candle stands as a symbol of the new life we celebrate in Christ. Normally this celebration is surrounded with the joy of welcoming new Catholics into the Church. This year is different in so many ways. While we must postpone the receiving of sacraments this Easter, what remains is the light that shines in the darkness. More... 

Elect, candidates ready to become Catholics

Published: April 9, 2020   

While public Easter Vigil Masses will not occur this year, candidates and elect have been preparing to enter the Church and will do so at a time when their pastor determines it is best for the parish community. The elect, formerly known as catechumen, have not been baptized. They will receive baptism, confirmation and first Communion. Candidates are Christians who are seeking full communion in the Church and will make a profession of faith and also More... 

Why I am becoming Catholic: faithful share their stories

Published: April 9, 2020   

Why I am becoming Catholic   “Catherine and I were both raised Protestant. As a matter of fact, Catherine’s father is a retired nondenominational pastor. Both Catherine and I fell away from the faith during college. But a few years ago, after our marriage, we decided to recommit to our faith and make it more important in our lives. Upon honestly examining Church history and different theological perspectives, we determined the Catholic Church is undeniably what it More...