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Why God? A question we all must be asking.

Published: September 10, 2019   

Recently, a good friend had to watch her husband slowly die after suffering a stroke in June. Because he did not want to be a burden to his family, the man chose to let go and not try to get better with rehab. Yesterday, she was venting and asking God Why?  "Why do the good suffer and die?  Why didn't God take care of the bad and do get rid of them? Why, God, why is there so much anger, hate and bad and why aren't You God, stopping it?"

I had answers for her, but a grieving heart does not want to hear answers -- the heart just wants someone to listen and to understand.

This morning, I received all-of-sudden overwhelming grief, anger, frustration and a deluge of tears and rage over life. I was asking 'Why God, why -- then connected to her grief and started to pray for her. I also asked God, Mary and the angels to go to her and minister to her in her hour of need. I started to pray for all those who were to die today and as I prayed I heard myself saying what the woman spoke -- "Why God are you not getting rid of the bad people who are doing such harm?  Why are you not wiping them off the face of the earth?"

"You know why, my child?  You know that a hurting heart is an angry heart. You know that as hateful as they are -- they are also my child that has been deeply wounded and is in need of My Mercy and Compassion, and forgiveness.  At some point because someone prayed the grace is given to make them want to turn back to me. I am waiting for that moment. Just as I wait for the moment when all realize they hunger for My peace and love--seek forgiveness and turn back to Me.  I wait in patience.  I wait in love---and sadly I have to allow that soul to wander on paths of evil, hate and pain.  Like a little child---they will lash out and scream and hit at what is hurting them.  Understand my child, pray for these 'hateful people' your enemy -- and forgive them as I have forgiven you.  Do not wish evil on one who just does not know what or why-- they are doing what they do."

Yes, Lord and thank you for allowing this "emotional storm" to come over me for it was the only way for this close encounter with your mind, your heart and your wisdom to answer the question.  Why, God, why?

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