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Sacraments worth the wait

Published: June 25, 2020   
June 14, 2020 | St Boniface
Madison Nutt, Dax McAllister and Amelia Frey on their First Communion Day.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of children and teens to miss many rites of passage and celebrations they had anticipated this year, including proms and graduations.  It was also disappointing for those in the Church who had been preparing to be confirmed or make their First Communion as these celebrations were delayed during the precautionary shutdowns. 

At St. Boniface Parish in New Dixie, this delay of their sacraments turned out to be even more devastating when their beloved parish priest of 24 years, Father Richard Davis, passed away from cancer during the shutdown. 

Now, not only did they not know when they would receive their sacraments, but they didn't know who their priest would be either. As in all things, God was already there, and Father Phillip Reaves, who would fill in until a new pastor is appointed, made this a top priority as soon as churches were reopened. On June 7, three teens celebrated their confirmation, and on June 14, three children received their First Eucharist in a very special way. Regardless of what and who was missing on their special days, the focus was right where it should be every time--God the Father, Jesus, and the graces of the Holy Spirit. And it was perfect and beautiful. 

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