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The Eucharist as a 'political weapon'.

Published: June 24, 2021   

I am reading that “the concern in the Vatican is not to use access to the Eucharist as a political weapon”. (   I am not understanding the term “political weapon”.  Standing firm in our Catholic faith and morals cannot be perceived as any weapon.  It’s this very basic Catholic faith instituted by Jesus Christ who gave the keys to the kingdom to St. Peter, our first pope, and an unbroken linage. 

The Church has always been very specific about not receiving the Holy Eucharist if, in the state of mortal sin, that one must go to confession first and have afirm purpose of amendment.  It’s true that the priest would not be aware of us ordinary people and whether or not we are truly sorry for any mortal sin.  However, anyone on the world stage who professes to be Catholic and wants to be in good standing with the Church cannot say publicly and vote publicly for women to have access to abortion ondemand.  I am speaking specifically about politicians who have been outspoken and repeatedly voted for abortion access atany stage of a pregnancy.  This pro-abortion stance goes against all that the Catholic Church teaches about life at conception.  It’s not a political weapon to tell Catholics that they cannot receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin.  It is a basic tenet of the Catholic faith and cannot be changed to accommodate anyone.  

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