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View on Archbishop Cordileone's announcement

Published: July 6, 2022   

Again, the Eucharist as a political weapon is back in the news.  Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has made the decision that Nancy Pelosi would not be permitted to receive Holy Communion due to her stance and multiple votes in support of abortion, evil and harmful to both women and the unborn baby.  As Catholics, we know this. 

Pelosi has since received Communion at Holy Trinity CatholicChurch in Washington, D.C., with Archbishop Gregory, it seems, allowing her to do so.  My question is can one archbishop’s decision and action be ignored by another archbishop in another diocese/state.  Our Catholic faith teaches us that abortion is a serious and mortal sin, and condoning and voting multiple times to allow such evil to persist is aiding such a practice to continue.  Why this continues to be open for discussion is disturbing.   

Life is at conception. Abortion is murder. Voting forand condoning abortion on a very public stage leaves no room for any other action except what Archbishop Cordileone decided and stated.  Ideally, the severity of this action will open the heart of Nancy Pelosi, and all others who have hardened their hearts.

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