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We are made for the City of God

Published: October 27, 2022   

The creator of all, God, established Jesus who is the way, the truth,and the life firmly in our hearts.  He cares personally for each of us.  God formed us in his image, both male and female.  Jesus came to teach us how to love and live as God’s children.  With kindness and gentleness, Jesus seeks not some, but everyone.  He is inclusive, inviting all to know, love, and follow Him.  

“Satan is the destroyer of law, order and morality.  There are a few dark elite seemingly knowing only what they are against.  They want their will or nothing, no alternative, no compromise and wiping out all who oppose them.” 1. This elite seek destruction of our individual freedoms, our American history, our borders, our families, our sex-male and female, our children's minds and bodies, our faith in God, and our dignity.  Yet these few elite claim this is what is best for all on earth.  There are many who help this agenda along.

God, the Father, created order: His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, the narrow path to true freedom and full communion with Him is good, holy, and for our benefit.  “No one can live in Jesus while also diluting Jesus with the idols of today.  The idols of human will and feelings, private appetites, with pious illusions and an ever-changing idea of reality.” (2). 

“The love of God, love of neighbor, and love of country is Pietus or Patriotism.” (1)  “The government is only the custodian of our rights and is founded on the respect of the individual.  No man, no society, no nation can serve two masters. Evil cannot abide critics.” (3. pg 208)  It demands to be seen as right and today's society's idols require affirmation from the few dominant who decide what is to be praised today.  

In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus had a choice.  We also have a choice.  “We are made for the City of God, the road home leads through the City of Man.” (3. pg 246 ) I ask you to humbly get on your knees, quiet yourself, bow your head, pray for guidance and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Practice true democracy; go vote.

“Live your days with zeal and joy.  Be bold and more loving Catholic witnesses both personally and as a family of faith.” 3. pg 205   

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