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Dr. Edward Sri speaks in Bentonville

Published: February 23, 2023   

Before heading to Little Rock for the Men's Conference, Dr. Edward Sri stopped in Bentonville to give two talks, "The Art of Living" and "Walking with Mary in Lent."  His first talk emphasized that we as Catholics today don't know how to live life anymore. We know the gaps in our lives and yet we don't do enough to fill them. He discussed how the four basic (cardinal) virtues can help: prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. It's virtue that gives us the freedom to love; the more we grow in virtue the more freedom we have to love and live. 

Before beginning his talk on Walking with Mary he touched on the wedding at Cana and how it is the perfect analogy for marriages. The love that brings us together in marriage initially is good but will not last. God used it to bring us together. When it runs out we shouldn't panic because this was always bound to happen. It is Jesus' opportunity to step in and make the good wine of our marriage.

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