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Innocence, prayer and action

Published: July 13, 2023   

Throughout my adult life, there are times when I recall pleasant memories from when I was a child, a pre-teen or a teenager. The peaceful, happy, safe, wondrous, adventurous and strong in body and dreams I had. The hope, faith and trust in God, Jesus and my Guardian Angel.  Those amazing, joyful moments when I felt God’s presence in seeing a sunrise, a flower, or a colorful bug.  

Learning and discovering who I am as I grew from a child into a young adult with grace and dignity was a blessing.  Recalling such memories of the innocence of my childhood grounds me today in my late middle age as it often has throughout my life.

Every child is shaped by God’s grace, as well as, from the care of their parents, teachers and other adults in their life.  

Across America I see a thornbush of satan’s pride catching many people in its grasp.  A pride that subverts, corrupts and perverts innocence and God’s truth.  This evil movement has risen to serious errors in our government, schools, universities, libraries, workplaces, hospitals, homes, and Churches. 

The whole of man’s history has been the story of dour combat with the powers of evil, stretching, so our Lord tells us, from the very dawn of history until the last day.  CCC 409

Each of us is responsible for every child and young adult in this world. Every child deserves their innocence, dignity and chance to learn certain things at an appropriate time in their life and not before. Thus our youth will also have the ability to recall pleasant, grounding memories when older.  

These days there is much wrongdoing, emotional and physical harm to our youth in America. We are obliged to care for our youth through prayer, sacrifices, fasting, as well as attending school meetings, speaking up and voting. To beat down satan’s pride we must adore God, acknowledging, praising and serving only God. 

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