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The kindness of strangers

Published: July 21, 2023   

As we walked out of the restaurant from which we had just finished lunch, my mom fell on the concrete parking lot. 

After a few moments, she managed to sit up. She was visibly in pain. The restaurant owner quickly grabbed a chair while a man slowly lifted her onto it.  A woman came out and said she was a nurse. She got her first aid kit and proceeded to examine mom's knees. She cleaned and bandaged the wounds. Many people stopped and checked how Mom was doing. Mom was surely comforted by their kind words. 

Mom said to the nurse “You should be inside having lunch.”  The nurse replied, “I'm a nurse first.”  On the drive home, we thanked God that Mom did not sustain any serious injuries and we thanked him for the kindness of strangers.

Noel is a member of St. Mary Church in Altus.

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