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Rent-to-own scenarios always cost you more money

Published: February 21, 2018   

Dear Dave, Is it OK to buy something using a rent-to-own plan? Josh Dear Josh, I advise against rent-to-own deals. Rent-to-own places get people in the door with promises of low monthly or weekly payments. But when it comes to rent-to-own furniture,... More 

Parents, teachers must collaborate for kids’ success

By Vernell Bowen, Published: January 26, 2018   

Educators know that the level of success a child shows during a school year is enhanced by the level of cooperation between parents and the teacher. The Church’s vision of the parent’s role in educating their child/children is put forth in... More 

How long and big could my mortgage be?

Published: January 26, 2018   

Dear Dave, Do you have a guideline ratio for mortgage debt to income?  Levon Dear Levon, When it comes to buying a home, I always tell people to get a 15-year, fixed rate mortgage, with monthly payments that are no more than 25 percent of their... More 

Theater and Mass are both about relationships

By Apolo Castillo Jr., Published: January 25, 2018   

No matter where I was, I loved being the center of everyone’s attention. I had no idea why. Seeing friends and family laugh as I made a joke or told a story was a feeling of fulfillment. And, as a 12-year-old who constantly had energy, I could... More 

Life insurance whatever your age: Get it now!

Published: December 19, 2017   

Dear Dave, I’ve noticed that the younger you are, the less expensive life insurance can be. I’m 32, and I’m still paying off my student loans. With this in mind, what’s the best age to get term life insurance, and what does it... More 

Meeting archbishop opens heart to confession

By Michael Broadwater, Published: December 7, 2017   

I have to admit, I’ve always been hesitant about reconciliation. My mom or one of my friends will ask if I’ve been to confession recently, and I get this terrible anxious feeling in my stomach. There’s something about telling a priest... More 

Faith threatened by the desire to be ‘normal’

By Ardyn Townzen, Published: November 22, 2017   

I’ll be transparent. Being a teenager is hard. With school, work, college applications, keeping a social life and an abundance of other things, it begins to stack up. Being a Catholic teenager is even harder. You get caught up in a whirlwind... More 

Social media can prevent our doing greater things

By Vernell Bowen, Published: November 20, 2017   

In the past two years, school principals have begun to deal with issues with inappropriate uses of social media not only by students, but by the parents. There are many positive things about the ways social media keeps us informed and connected with... More 

Budgeting key whether you are married or single

Published: November 16, 2017   

Dear Dave, Do you have any tips for how single people can stay on track with their finances? Deb Dear Deb, The first thing I’d suggest is the same advice I give to married couples, and that is to spend less than you make, and live on a written,... More 

As my son grows, so does relationship with his birth mother

By Tara Little, Published: November 2, 2017   

When the time came for our son’s birth mom to leave the hospital, she had asked to say goodbye before she left. As Laura stood there holding Will, the love she felt for him filled the room. She looked at him as if to memorize every detail of... More