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To forgive as we are forgiven is Christ’s call

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: September 25, 2020   

One of my grade school teachers, who happened also to be my mom, taught me and my classmates an important lesson about forgiveness. She helped us see that forgiveness is more than a feeling. If we wait for the feeling of forgiveness to come after having... More 

8 practical tips when you need to save money

Published: September 25, 2020   

Dear Dave, I’m having a hard time saving money. Do you have any practical advice for saving when you have an average income? Nikki Dear Nikki, One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people only start saving money when they... More 

Recognizing our humanity cuts polarization

By Aidan Everett, Published: September 18, 2020   

Whether by politics or plexiglass, the nation is divided. The flames of sociopolitical turmoil are quickly engulfing every aspect of daily life. Controversial issues such as mask-wearing, social and racial justice and the upcoming election are all breeding... More 

Simple steps to being debt free in your 20s

Published: September 10, 2020   

Dear Dave, With COVID-19 and all the resulting economic problems, do you have any advice for what a young person can do to prepare for the future? Kyle Dear Kyle, Regardless of the coronavirus or any economic situation that might arise, there are... More 

Is IRA mandatory withdrawal at 72?

Published: August 27, 2020   

Dear Dave, I’ll be 72 in October, and I have a Roth IRA I haven’t done anything with in a while. I’ve got about $30,000 in it, and I believe I read where the government said there will be a mandatory withdrawal at age 72. If this is... More 

Instagram post about my alma mater opens my eyes

By Olivia Parker, Published: August 26, 2020   

Our current social climate has brought attention to oppression in the Black community. The sad reality that we must remind our society that Black lives matter is something that has been on my heart. The gravity and the widespread nature of this movement... More 

Radical forgiveness is a sign of the kingdom

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: August 20, 2020   

“We believe in a God of second chances” is a common way of speaking about God’s ability to allow us make mistakes, to let us sin and repent. But there is another saying that also comes to mind: “Fool (or offend) me once, shame... More 

Superintendent: Hope and prayer for our future

By Theresa Hall, Published: August 20, 2020   

Recently the Office of Catholic Schools held our first ever virtual principals’ retreat.  In the past this has been held in Coury House on the beautiful and serene grounds of Subiaco Academy. The principals would arrive greeting each other... More 

Cosmetic surgery: Might be money well spent but not now

Published: August 14, 2020   

Dear Dave, My wife and I are on Baby Step 2 of your plan. About eight months ago she gave birth to our second child, and now she would like to have a mommy makeover. I want her to be comfortable and feel good about herself, but those procedures can be... More 

People need to hear success stories during trying time

Published: July 30, 2020   

Dear Dave, So many companies and entrepreneurs are hurting right now. With everything that’s going on in the world, I find myself ashamed to celebrate business successes. In the past, I’ve always shared highlights with our customers to show... More