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Don't go into debt to pay for parents' anniversary party

Published: June 13, 2024   

Dear Dave, I’m trying hard to get control of my money and get out of debt, but I had a situation come up the other day, and I really don’t know what to do. I’m one of four brothers, and our parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary... More 

Think, pray and discern God's calling for your life

Published: May 29, 2024   

Dear Dave, My husband and I have been very blessed financially over the course of our lives. We make a little over $200,000 a year combined, and we currently have a net worth of around $4 million. But what do you do when you’re not motivated by... More 

I felt like God was distant — my sisters led me to him

By Isabel Vacca, Published: May 21, 2024   

I have grown up around strong women — my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts and my friends. And I can honestly say that I have been blessed by these women in my life.  They have shaped me into who I am today, and they are the models of who... More 

Don’t let misconceptions cause faith to waver

By Abby Liebhaber, Published: April 26, 2024   

Throughout my life — 17 years —  I have quickly picked up on the fact that there are few forms of entertainment in a small town.  The options become even slimmer when you are referring to a small southern town in Arkansas. However,... More 

Seniors, whatever storms may come, Jesus will be there

By Theresa Hall, Published: April 26, 2024   

This is the time of year that I start thinking about all the seniors who will soon be graduating from high school.  For the last 17 or 18 years of their lives, they have counted on their parents or guardians to hold their hands as they began pre-k.... More 

Financial disagreements: To be unclear is to be unkind

Published: April 25, 2024   

Dear Dave,  I have a roommate, and we’ve shared the same two-bedroom apartment for about three years. During that time, we’ve always had an agreement that we would split the bills 50-50. But for the last several months, he’s been... More 

How to honor memory of your mother, change future

Published: April 12, 2024   

Dear Dave, My mother died about a year and a half ago, and she left me and my younger sister $75,000 each. My sister is 16, and she plans on enlisting in the military after high school, then using the G.I. Bill to pay for college afterward. She won’t... More 

How to help troubled sibling with prayer and guidance

Published: March 28, 2024   

Dear Dave,  I’m worried about my younger brother, and I need some advice. He’s divorced and has a son, and lately, it seems like he only wants to be a dad when it’s convenient. On top of this, he’s very irresponsible with... More 

Things I learned before and after viewing 2017 eclipse

By Deacon Jason Pohlmeier, Published: March 27, 2024   

Follow these tips to have a safe and enjoyable total solar eclipse. I have gathered these tips before and after seeing the total solar eclipse in Missouri Aug. 21, 2017. Travel to the path of totality: The difference between a total eclipse and... More 

Feeling guilt: My wife thinks she owes me money

Published: March 6, 2024   

Dear Dave, My wife and I have been married for nine months, and we’ve been following your Baby Steps plan for three months. We have about $50,000 in debt, and I recently cashed out an old whole life policy that enabled us to pay off $22,000 of... More