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In periods of waiting, learn to trust in God

By Annie Wendel, Published: November 28, 2022   

To gain the full Razorback college experience, I recently got up at 4:30 a.m. with a couple of my friends to wait in the student section line for the Arkansas vs. Alabama football game.  While the morning cold and then afternoon heat during 10... More 

Never take over Parent PLUS loan from your parents

Published: November 23, 2022   

Dear Dave, My mom took out a Parent PLUS loan in 2009 to help pay for my college education. I also took out $70,000 in student loans myself. My mom never made a payment on the loan she took out for me, and now the amount due on the Parent PLUS loan has... More 

Just say no: Loaning money to family members not good

Published: November 9, 2022   

Dear Dave, I am on Baby Step 2 of your plan, and I am about four months away from being debt-free. My younger brother is a good person, but he is very careless with his finances. He is always asking to borrow money from me. I don’t want to be mean... More 

Be honest with your spouse about 'financial infidelity'

Published: October 27, 2022   

Dear Dave, After hearing you talk about financial infidelity, I have to admit that I hide money from my husband. I have been setting aside money for emergencies without his knowledge. He is not terrible with money, but he always seems to find something... More 

Handle job transition with honesty, respect and gratitude

Published: October 13, 2022   

Dear Dave, I need your advice. I just accepted a new job in a field I love three weeks ago. Yesterday, I was recruited and offered a position by a huge company for the same kind of position, and they pay more than twice what I’m making now. I did... More 

Mary Magdalene and the risen Lord Jesus

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: October 4, 2022   

First impressions can be hard to shake. For many of us, our first impression of Mary Magdalene comes to us through art and legend. We may have met her first as a harlot or prostitute saved by Jesus through forgiveness. That was the story passed on to... More 

How much life insurance does couple with no kids need?

Published: September 29, 2022   

Dear Dave, My husband and I are debt-free. We are in our mid-20s, we also have a full emergency fund and we each have 401(k) plans with our employers. Currently, we are looking at life insurance. We do not plan on having children, so what length term... More 

Active faith can balance an imbalanced life

By Jake Jansen, Published: September 22, 2022   

Teenagers today have much more on their plate than ever before. The perfect teenager earns good grades, participates in multiple clubs and sports, has a social life in person and on social media, spends time with their family and has a strong relationship... More 

Spiritual implications trading one creditor for another

Published: September 8, 2022   

Dear Dave, My wife and I have plans to enter the mission field as soon as we have paid off our debt and get a full emergency fund in place. We only have about $12,000 in credit card debt left, and we don’t own a home, but my father does not want... More 

Three reasons you should have a trust, not a will

Published: August 25, 2022   

Dear Dave, How do you know if a will or a trust is best for you? Monica Dear Monica, This is a great question, especially since August is National Make-a-Will Month. The first thing you should do is take a serious look at your needs, your wishes... More