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How should I use emergency fund after husband's layoff?

Published: October 10, 2019   

Dear Dave, My husband lost his job last week. The good news is we’re completely debt-free, and we have a six-month emergency fund saved up. I work part-time, since we have young children, and I’ve been bringing home about $800 a month. Should... More 

Everyone is called to be a ‘saint of today’

By Sarah Duvall, Published: September 26, 2019   

I recently had the honor of taking a tour of the Holy Family Mission in Morrilton with my local Catholic faith group, Ignite. On this tour, Luz Sandoval-Lord and Raymond Freyaldenhoven, also known as Brother Joseph, showed us what they do at the Mission,... More 

How much exactly do I put in my emergency fund?

Published: September 26, 2019   

Dear Dave, I know you talk about having an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses set aside. My husband and I are having a difficult time agreeing on exactly how much we should set aside for emergencies. How do you determine the exact amount? Erin Dear... More 

After a new job: Live like your income hasn’t changed

Published: September 11, 2019   

Dear Dave, I’ll be graduating from college in December, and I’ll have a job waiting for me that pays $50,000 a year. This will bring our household income up to about $95,000. The problem is we’ve got $18,000 in student loan debt, $2,500... More 

I am young and single; do I really need a will?

Published: August 29, 2019   

Dear Dave, Why do I need a will if I’m still young and haven’t acquired a lot of wealth? Laura Dear Laura, In a case like yours, you don’t need a complicated will. But you do need an inexpensive, basic will. The larger and more... More 

Let Christ win the tug-of-war over control

By Sam Stengel, Published: August 23, 2019   

It is easy to feel like we are in control, especially when our lives seem to be going just as planned. Some of us believe that we are so powerful that we can control our own fate and the fate of others, but we only have power because it was given to... More 

Catholic school principals shine with bruised hearts

By Theresa Hall, Published: August 16, 2019   

It is the time of year when the hot days of summer begin to wind down and the hustle and bustle for parents begin as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Teachers and principals have had a break, but they question, “What happened to those... More 

Paying past due bills first step to being debt free

Published: August 6, 2019   

Dear Dave, I’ve had enough of living paycheck-to-paycheck. I’m going to start following your plan, but I have a question. Should I catch up on my past due bills before beginning Baby Step 1? Simon Dear Simon, Go for it! You’re... More 

Think you have plans? God may surprise you

By Katherine McWilliams, Published: July 26, 2019   

When I think about the phrase “God has a plan for you,” I recall a homily where we heard about a visiting priest’s call to the priesthood. He had his entire life mapped out, was attending medical school, and had wanted to be a doctor... More 

Teaching kids to save, spend, give

Published: July 26, 2019   

Dear Dave, We’ve followed your advice and put our kids on commissions instead of allowances. The problem is our 8-year-old. He never buys anything, and he seems to be very frugal by nature. Do you have any advice for teaching him it is okay to... More