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Approach God ready for new directions

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: September 15, 2021   

Every year around this time, social media outlets are flooded with photos of students (and even teachers and professors) posing to mark the first day of a new school year. Most of these pictures show eager faces, even when schooling is at home or a mix... More 

Children need teaching to learn the value of work

Published: September 10, 2021   

Dear Dave, What are your views on teaching children good work habits? Many of our friends don’t require their kids to help out or work around the house, but we both strongly feel that instilling a strong work ethic early in life is one of the best... More 

Put fun on hold for now and pay down your debts first

Published: August 26, 2021   

Dear Dave, I brought about $15,000 in student loan debt into our marriage. I’m 26, my wife is 27, and we’ve been married a little over a year. During that time, our parents have helped us out with financial gifts occasionally. Whenever this... More 

I finally found my self-worth in God’s love

By Madeline Kennedy, Published: August 25, 2021   

Going through high school is tough. During junior high, your hormones are at an all-time high, your skin is breaking out, and for some reason, you feel like crying all the time. Throughout the years, I struggled with self-confidence and the fear of being... More 

Justice is a gift and a challenge

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: August 19, 2021   

The gospel spiritual, “Go Down, Moses” begins, “When Israel was in Egypt’s land, let my people go. Oppressed so hard they could not stand, let my people go.”  That spiritual and countless others testify to the conviction... More 

Catholic school teachers following their vocation to teach

By Theresa Hall, Published: August 19, 2021   

As a child did you ever “play school” and take on the role of the teacher? Recently, my 3-year-old granddaughter wanted to read me a bedtime story instead of me reading it to her. So I followed her directions when she said “criss cross... More 

Does my 60-year-old mom need long-term care insurance?

Published: August 13, 2021   

Dear Dave, My dad passed away about a year ago, but he left my mom in really good shape financially. They never had any consumer debt, the house is paid for, and they had about $1 million in assets. Dad also left her a $500,000 trust. Mom is going to... More 

Trust God with setting the standards in your life

By Noah Koch, Published: July 29, 2021   

We live most of our life by standards that we create ourselves or others create for us.  These expectations apply in many situations such as work, home and school. Many of us have trouble with setting these standards and dealing with them because... More 

With work, you can make an impact with your investments

Published: July 28, 2021   

Dear Dave, A friend recently mentioned something called impact investing to me. What exactly is this? How do impact investment funds perform, and what do you think about them? Carson Dear Carson, Impact investing generally aims to benefit society,... More 

Why are you Catholic? I have my four passionate reasons

By John Paul Hartnedy, Published: July 27, 2021   

The sick man held me in his thoughtful gaze for a moment and then softly asked: “Why are you Catholic?” There was no animosity in his eyes -- only a gentle curiosity that almost hid a profound thirst under the surface. It was the third week... More