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Join the mission to engage younger generations of Catholics with the Good News of Christ and our Church.

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Guardian Angels — Catholics like you — have brought decades of Catholic history in Arkansas to the Internet, free to everyone. It's an exciting success story that prepares us to take the next step.

Guardian Angels light the way for younger generations in the faith.Faith for the future
Connecting with new generations means offering news where they are and through the technology they use. Increasing numbers of young adults are not connecting with the Church like previous generations. They are less interested in reading a printed newspaper, and more interested in digital news, e-mail, social media and websites. They’ll watch video before they’ll read words. Many of them connect exclusively through their phones, and are more comfortable in Spanish than in English.

Because of that challenge, your Guardian Angels membership is needed to invest in new technology and other resources to help keep those young adults connected to the Church — and better serve all Catholics in the diocese.

Making a difference
Guardian Angels have been important to extending our reach through new media. The number of sessions of people reading the Arkansas Catholic website has more than doubled since 2011, and the number of users nearly so. Launching an affordable new digital edition of the newspaper in October 2014 more than quadrupled the number of subscribers who get their complete newspaper online and have searchable access to archives back to 2002. A free twice-monthly e-mail newsletter started in 2015, aSpire, now reaches nearly 2,000 subscribers. Nearly 4,500 users "like" Arkansas Catholic's Facebook page, follow and share posts with their friends. Ongoing programs and special event videos draw users from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

None of this is cheap or easy, but it is making a difference! And there is far more that needs to be done.

How can I help?
First, please pray for Arkansas Catholic and the success of the Guardian Angels fund. Then, search your heart and your budget to determine how much you can give. Any gift is helpful, of any amount, toward our mission of keeping young adults engaged with the Church.

You can now donate online using a credit card or electronic check through our secure GiveCentral page. Or, click for a response form (in PDF format) you can print and mail to us with your donation.

Every gift counts
A Guardian Angels sustaining membership is a monthly gift that is convenient, ongoing and secure. Sustaining members are crucial to providing an ongoing base of support that we can rely on, to make longer-term plans and budget our spending more efficiently. 
Angel (supporter): For donors who give a one-time gift of at least $60, or a recurring gift of $5 a month
Archangel (partner): For donors who give a one-time gift of at least $120, or a recurring gift of $10 a month
Evangelist (patron): For donors who give a one-time gift of at least $300, or a recurring gift of $25 a month

Arkansas Catholic will announce the sustaining members in the newspaper, with our thanks.

Every donor is also invited to send personal prayer intentions, to be included in a special Advent Mass celebrated by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor. Click for a response form (in PDF format) you can print and mail to us with your donation and prayer intentions.

A success story

For more than a hundred years, our diocesan newspaper has recorded history as it happened. The archive pages bear witness to the Catholic faith in Arkansas in a way that no hindsight retelling could match. Hundreds of Guardian Angels supported scanning years of archives into a digital format that will never fade, crumble or be lost to fire or natural disaster. Since 2010, every issue in every bound volume from 1911 through 2001 has been protected from the ravages of time, digitally scanned and processed and posted online, freely available to inspire new Catholic generations.

Special years

These years of The Guardian have been "adopted" for preservation through the Guardian Angels fund.

1921: In memory of Lil Buford, remembering the year of her birth.

1945: In memory of Lil Buford, remembering the year of her marriage.

1959: Sponsored by Martha Walsh 

1962: Sponsored by Delores Hartman

1964: Sponsored by The Cashman Family

The digitized newspapers are open to everyone for reading and searching. You’re invited to use them by clicking this archive link, always available on the front page of 

How can I adopt a year?
By "adopting" a year that includes a date important to you, your family or parish, you cover the cost of preserving that special time period. Honor a birth or wedding date, an ordination anniversary or the year your parish or school was founded with a donation to preserve that year. The cost of "adoption" depends on the age, condition and number of pages in the year.

  •  1911 to 1928 (except 1921): $1,800 per volume
  •  1929 to 2001 (except 1945, 1959, 1962, 1964): $500 per year

Click for a response form (in PDF format) you can mail to us with your donation and prayer intentions.

For more information
If you have questions or comments about the Guardian Angels campaign, you can click here to contact editor Malea Hargett by e-mail or call (501) 664-0125 during business hours.

Donate to the Guardian Angels FundYou may also write to Arkansas Catholic Guardian Angels, P.O. Box 7417, Little Rock AR 72117.