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2024 Solar Eclipse

Want to know what Catholic communities are doing for the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse? Want to know how to prepare? We've got you covered!


Total solar eclipse brings thousands to Arkansas

By Malea Hargett, Published: April 10, 2024      

More than 100 people watched the total solar eclipse from the lawn of St. John Center in Little Rock April 8. Many people had picnic lunches while kids rode on their bikes and scooters and families walked their dogs before and after the eclipse. As the eclipse approached at 1:51 p.m., the crowd applauded and clapped again as the total eclipse passed. Deacon Marc Rios, manager of St. John Manor, the home for retired diocesan priests, More... 

Things I learned before and after viewing 2017 eclipse

By Deacon Jason Pohlmeier, Published: March 27, 2024   

Follow these tips to have a safe and enjoyable total solar eclipse. I have gathered these tips before and after seeing the total solar eclipse in Missouri Aug. 21, 2017. Travel to the path of totality: The difference between a total eclipse and a partial eclipse is enormous. When the sun is 100 percent covered, the sky is more than 10,000 times darker than when the sun is 99 percent covered, according to the late Dr. More... 

Catholic communities preparing for total solar eclipse

By Katie Zakrzewski, Published: March 27, 2024   

Catholic schools, churches and organizations say the total solar eclipse sweeping across Arkansas April 8 is generating a lot of excitement. With the peak zone being a diagonal swath across the state, it will be very busy with tourism and special activities.  The Arkansas Department of Health, as well as the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, recently estimated the eclipse will attract thousands of visitors from around the world to the Natural State.  According to NASA’s Eclipse More... 

Total solar eclipse: Get thee to the path of totality

By Deacon Jason Pohlmeier, Published: March 27, 2024   

I once heard a priest talk about “the shock of non-being.” At certain moments in life, we realize we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves, so far beyond our comprehension, that we are struck with the frightening reality that we are not necessary.  We suddenly realize that the universe will continue spinning without us. Yet, here we are. God’s love, not our individual significance, is the sole reason we have the great privilege More...