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Share your news and opinions with the readers of Arkansas Catholic’s website. Much of your news and some of your views might even be printed in Arkansas Catholic in the coming weeks to share with the wider readership. We encourage you to submit items regularly and often, but please note that they will be reviewed by an Arkansas Catholic staff member before being posted. See News and Views policy for more information.

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What kinds of items will News and Views list?

• Announcements of annual Catholic church, school or institutional fundraisers or celebrations
• Announcements of Catholic church, school or institutional anniversaries
• Announcements or reports on recent engagements, weddings and anniversaries
• Reports of recent Catholic church, school or institutional events, accomplishment or awards
• Reports of personal accomplishments or awards for Catholics living in Arkansas
• Obituaries of Catholics who lived or formerly lived in Arkansas
• Columns and opinions written by Catholics in Arkansas

What won’t appear in News and Views?

• Columns and views that don’t conform to the teachings of the Catholic Church
• Announcements for events outside the region
• Sacramental events like confirmations and first Communions
• Minor Catholic parish events that are not publicized or open to the general public
• Submissions more than 1,500 words

New and Views Comments Policy

Arkansas Catholic welcomes input in the form of news and opinions. However, the newspaper reserves the right to deny postings on the newspaper website that do not adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Postings that include ethnic slurs or personal insults, obscenities, off-topic comments or any conduct that would not be acceptable to the Diocese of Little Rock or the Catholic Church in general will not be accepted. All postings submitted will be reviewed and approved by an Arkansas Catholic staff member before appearing on the website. Please allow up to 48 hours for it to be posted. Minors should seek parental permission before submitting a posting.

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