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Young Faith

Young Faith is a column series featuring Catholic student writers from Catholic and public schools in Arkansas. They share stories of struggle and triumph in their lives, all through a lens of faith. 


The desire for God is written on our heart

By Apolo Castillo Jr., Published: September 22, 2017   

Do you qualify as human? Surely you understand the ink shapes printed on this paper. A living human is breathing, his heart is beating and his mind conscious — to an extent — of the world surrounding it. The dictionary collecting dust on my dresser defines “human” as “a bipedal primate mammal.” A Brazilian short film directed by Jorge Furtado takes human classification one step further, adding that humans having a “highly developed telencephalon” and More... 

Wisdom grows from walking with Christ

By Peyton Wilson, Published: August 25, 2017   

When I was little, I always wanted to drive. I always wanted to be in the special seat; tall enough to nudge the gas pedal down to drive me far, far away. When I was little I always wanted to be older, always wanted to be wiser, always wanted to be in control. That yearning for the driver’s seat has served as a metaphor of my life. I have always wanted to take control of what More... 

Discuss college plans and concerns with God

By Brent Yrle, Published: July 28, 2017   

I have always thought of college as some kind of foreign experience that I will go through years from now, but a scary realization recently hit me. Since I just finished my junior year at St. Joseph High School in Conway, I am soon going to be faced with choosing the university where I will spend the next four years of my life while I am preparing for my future career in nursing. With this More... 

Faith challenge led to a deeper understanding

By Michael Broadwater, Published: June 23, 2017   

Heart pounding, I walked through the front doors of Catholic High and began my high school experience. I was expecting to grow physically and emotionally, but I had no idea of the tremendous changes my faith life would go through. Before I go into detail about my time at Catholic, let me share some facts about myself and my family. I’m a cradle Catholic. Both of my parents and most of my family are Catholic, so I’ve More... 

Don’t give God the silent treatment: Pray

By Ardyn Townzen, Published: May 26, 2017   

It is state mandated that every school in Arkansas must have a one minute moment of silence before the school day. That moment is used to either reflect on the day to come, to do something quietly or to pray. Usually when you look around the room at my high school during this minute, you can easily see that most people use this moment to scroll one last time through Snapchat, scribble answers on the homework More... 

Not enough to live the faith; must defend it, too

By Olivia Parker, Published: April 21, 2017   

Ancient people believed that their gods needed human support in the form of sacrifices — animal or even human — in order to live. God, however makes abundantly clear in the Bible that he is not like that. He does not need our sacrifices. He is self-sufficient. Renowned Baptist preacher and author Charles Spurgeon said it best: “The Gospel is like a caged lion. It does not need to be defended. It just needs to be More... 

We struggle to keep our Christian identity

By Apolo Castillo Jr., Published: March 23, 2017   

As a child, the challenge in life was to sit still. Not the easiest for a bouncy and impatient boy. Often, I would be told to stop moving, sit quietly and think about God. One time, I asked my mom, “Is there anything God can’t do?” She paused, and after a moment, she looked back into my curious eyes, smiled, and said, “Yes. There is something God cannot do. And that is to stop loving.” In More... 

Jesus ‘kills’ our stony hearts, replaces with love

By Peyton Wilson, Published: February 24, 2017   

It was my fourth day in Puebla, Mexico, and the bus I was on shook with the impact of the pot-hole ridden ground so violently I was convinced we would never make it back to our missions center without popping a few tires along the way. The dust that had collected on the street swirled up and into the aisles, settling on the unusually quiet group of teenagers surrounding me. Without even looking, I knew More... 

Advice for freshmen: don’t get distracted

By Brent Yrle, Published: January 25, 2017   

When I was entering freshman year as a student at St. Joseph High School in Conway three years ago, many thoughts were swimming through my head: What do I need to do to better fit in with my friends? Is becoming friends with students in other grades a good idea? How should I improve my physical appearance? Should I date people this early? Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, all of my thoughts were never really centered around my academic abilities or my relationship More...