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Devastating effect of individualism in U.S.

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: May 14, 2024   

We live in a culture that has been impoverished by individualism, which is made all the worse by the fact that as a society we value personal autonomy at the expense of the common good.  Our national myth is that of the self-made man, when there... More 

I knew in fifth grade Jesus was my best friend

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 30, 2024   

Today is the Vocations Day for Central Arkansas Catholic Schools, a day when we gather fifth-grade grade boys and girls and invite you to consider whether the Lord may be calling you boys to serve him as a priest or as a religious brother and you girls... More 

St. Joseph a model of solidarity with immigrants

By Katie Zakrzewski, Published: April 16, 2024   

Today as we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, who models for us what a good father must do when faced with challenges — walking by faith, responding to God’s message received in dreams, receiving Mary as his wife, being a faithful foster... More 

Two gifts after Jesus’ death: Virgin Mary and Eucharist

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 9, 2024   

On Friday afternoon, they took Jesus’ body down from the cross, and I imagine that they probably laid him gently in Mary’s arms.  Joseph of Arimathea and John and others did the things that had to be done. Every squeak of the nails... More 

Why we have an altar, and not just a communion table

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 2, 2024   

Today begins the sacred Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday — the days when evil did its worst, but Jesus rose victorious and now offers us a share in his victory. The first of these days has an older name which some of you... More 

Pope: Wars should be resolved through nonviolence

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: March 26, 2024   

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor issued this statement March 25 regarding Pope Francis’ “white flag” comments March 9.   Not a few people were perplexed by Pope Francis’ comment in an interview with Swiss broadcaster RSI, taken... More 

Living relationship with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: March 21, 2024   

One of the chief pastoral problems today is the fact that, according to the 2019 Pew Research Survey, only 31 percent of Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. To address this problem, the United States bishops have done two... More 

Crosses: Adversities you could avoid, but are embraced

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: March 12, 2024   

"Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit." That is, if the grain of wheat has life within it, it is not sterile.  Not all the seeds you plant sprout.... More 

Jesus’ best friends: Peter, James, the beloved disciple

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: March 5, 2024   

You and I are closer to some people than we are to others. We have acquaintances, friends and loved ones. We share some things with everyone and more personal things with our friends, but we reserve our most intimate moments for those who know us best... More 

The freedom to sin is result of invitation to holiness

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: February 28, 2024   

During the last century, 10 million people died in natural disasters and 400 million died as victims of human violence — a 1:40 ratio.  Ten million innocent victims of the forces of nature that God created — for instance, floods and... More