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Frequently Asked Questions about Arkansas Catholic subscriptions

How often does the newspaper come out?

We publish weekly, 46 times a year, except for scheduled breaks based on holidays or to allow time for maintenance and major projects. Breaks normally fall on the first Saturday (issue date) in January, June, July, August and September, and the last Saturday in December. A notice is published in the issue before each break.

How long does it take my new print subscription order (address change, renewal) to be processed?

During the first three months of the year, when several thousand print subscriptions come up for renewal at the same time, it can take up to four weeks for an order, renewal or change to be received, entered and take effect. The rest of the year, we normally process within two weeks after receiving your order or request.

Where do I send my subscription order?

Order a print subscription online using your credit or debit card on this page.
Order a free digital subscription on this page.

Or, mail your print subscription order or renewal with your check or money order to:

Arkansas Catholic
P.O. Box 7869
Little Rock AR 72217-7869

How can I tell when my print subscription is going to expire?

The address panel on the front page of your paper shows the date your current subscription will end. On the line above your name, your last issue date is printed as month/day/year. (The first number on the left of that line is your subscriber ID.)

I just renewed, but the expiration date on my mailing label still shows I’m about to expire. Why is my expiration date wrong?

In some cases, your old expiration date will continue showing on your label until your original subscription expires. Then your renewal will take over, and the new expiration date will appear on your mailing label.

When is my paper supposed to arrive each week?

Your printed paper should arrive by Saturday, on the actual issue date. Because we mail on Wednesday, many people get their paper earlier. If your paper is consistently arriving later than Saturday, the post office has a delivery problem and we’d like to know about it. Please tell us by phone, letter, or using the customer service form on the subscriptions page

The digital edition is posted Tuesday evening shortly after the print edition goes to press. Digital subscribers receive an email message notifying them when each new issue is posted.

Do I need a special form to order a print subscription for myself or as a gift?

No special form is needed. (Here is a form you can use if you like.)  Just send us a check for the subscription amount with a note telling us where you’d like us to send your paper. If the subscription is a gift, please tell us that, too. We’ll send the recipient a nice card telling them of your thoughtfulness.

Can I charge my new print subscription or renewal to a credit card?

Order a print subscription online using your credit or debit card on this page. Your card is processed securely by Paypal, but you don't have to have an existing Paypal account.

I’m going to be out of town for a month or longer. Can I stop the printed paper temporarily? Can I have the paper sent to my out-of-town address temporarily?

Either way, as you prefer. Please let us know at least two weeks before the change. Tell us (by phone, letter, or using the customer service form on the subscriptions page) your name, current address, temporary address if any, when to change and (if you know) when to change back to your regular address.

How do I make a donation to help someone get the paper who can’t afford it?

Just send us a check with a note telling us it’s a donation. For convenience when you renew your print subscription, you can write just one check for the total amount of both your renewal and donation.

How does someone get a free subscription who can’t afford it?

The digital edition is free to everyone and available anywhere you have Internet access. Generous donations from subscribers and others make it possible to provide a print subscription to vowed religious, elderly, low-income or disabled Catholics who otherwise couldn’t afford a subscription and cannot access the Internet. We will enter a one-year print subscription at no charge when we become aware of someone in need who wants to receive the paper.

My family member died. How do I stop their paper?

You may contact us with the deceased person’s name and address (by phone, letter, or using the customer service form on the subscriptions page) to tell us to cancel the subscription. If you want, you may instead transfer the rest of the subscription to someone else in the deceased subscriber’s family. Just let us know.

Will I get a renewal notice when my print subscription is about to expire?

Nine weeks before your last issue, we’ll send you a renewal letter. If we haven’t received your renewal three weeks later, we’ll send you a reminder. Since it can take up to four weeks to receive and process your renewal, we hope you’ll respond promptly so you don’t miss any issues.

If you ordered your print subscription online using a credit or debit card, your subscription will renew automatically, charging the same card you used to sign up.  

When does my digital subscription expire?

Digital subscriptions automatically run 23 years from the date you sign up for your free account. At the end of 23 years, you'll receive an email renewal notice asking you to update your information and confirm that you still want to subscribe.

Is my device compatible with the digital edition?

As of April 2021, the digital edition is offered on a platform that's compatible with most tablets and smartphones. This includes Apple's iOS (Safari browser in iOS 12 or later) and Android (Chrome browser in Android 8 or later). The digital edition does not support Kindle, Windows phones, or B&N Nook devices.

Didn’t find the answer you need? Please return to the main subscriptions page and send your question using the electronic customer service form to get a prompt reply. Or call (501) 664-0125 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and speak to a live person.