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Souls suffer after abuse by clergy, but healing is possible

By Chris Baker, Published: November 8, 2018   

Chris Baker is sharing his painful reflections regarding the abuse he suffered years ago at the hands of former priest Bob Torres, its devastating impact in his spiritual life and his more recent path to healing. It is even more heart rending to know... More 

In scandal’s darkness, light world with love

By Sam Stengel, Published: October 29, 2018   

Who is responsible? How deep does the corruption go? What is going to be done about this? Why doesn’t God do something? Disrupting the relative peace we had before, the scandals in the Church have brought in a storm of questions. All of these... More 

What comes first? Retirement or loan payments?

Published: October 25, 2018   

Dear Dave, Do you think I should lower the amount I’m contributing to my 401(k) so I can pay off my house and my truck? Jamie Dear Jamie, If you’re following my plan, the first thing you should do is set aside a beginner emergency fund... More 

#MeToo movement reminds us to speak out for justice

By Olivia Parker, Published: September 28, 2018   

In our world today we have several civil rights issues plastered all over our newspapers, social media and televisions. Some include the recent news of separating immigrant families at the border, pro-life issues, unfair treatment from police toward different... More 

Credit cards aren’t the problem; overspending is

Published: September 26, 2018   

Dear Dave, How do you feel about taking money out of savings to pay off credit cards? Peggy Dear Peggy, I’m OK with this under two conditions. One is that you cut up the credit cards, close the accounts and never use those things again. The... More 

Help parents if it isn’t undue burden on your family

Published: August 24, 2018   

Dear Dave, Do you believe the adult child of a senior citizen, who is physically and mentally healthy but has neglected to plan for retirement, should be burdened with providing financial assistance to that parent? Robbie   Dear Robbie, Based... More 

With trust in Jesus, we will weather this storm as a Church

By Deacon Matt Glover, Published: August 23, 2018   

Bishop Taylor has no homily this weekend because he is on vacation, so he has asked Arkansas Catholic to publish this timely homily (which was given just prior to the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report) from Deacon Matt Glover. Bishop Taylor... More 

How can I get life insurance after a diagnosis?

Published: July 27, 2018   

Dear Dave, I started looking at life insurance policies after my wife and I had our daughter. During the screening process, I found out I had testicular cancer. I went through treatments, and the doctors have officially declared me to be in remission.... More 

Emulating monks’ lifestyle calms the storm

By Apolo Castillo Jr., Published: July 25, 2018   

I was alone. There was no real place to go, no real thing to do. Aimlessly I walked; My head heavy, my mouth motionless and my hands hidden. I wanted detachment — isolation — yet the thought of loneliness sent aches to my fumbling mind. I... More 

No moral, legal obligation to pay for deadbeat’s funeral

Published: June 28, 2018   

Dear Dave, My father died recently. He walked out of my life 25 years ago when I was a teenager, and he never wanted anything to do with me after that. His brothers, who have already paid for some of his final expenses, asked if I wanted to pay to have... More