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Share the impact of your relationship with Jesus

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: May 25, 2023   

There was once a time when we were little children, too young to understand, that our parents could not yet use reasoning to teach us and protect us, so they had to resort to inducements (“I’ll give you a cookie if you do this”) and... More 

Believe what Jesus said about the Bread of Life

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: May 18, 2023   

One of the bumper stickers we used to see here in the Bible Belt said: "Jesus said it, I believe it and that settles it!" The idea is that every word and every detail in the Bible should be taken at face value, literally. We Catholics regard... More 

When Jesus calls, he provides for and protects us

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: May 10, 2023   

When I was little, there were many children living near our house, and we spent lots of time playing together outside. When it was time to eat, my dad would whistle for us to come home. My friends’ parents called their names, but my dad whistled... More 

God’s grace in the Eucharist opened disciples’ eyes

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: May 3, 2023   

If God is everywhere, always, why do we have special places to encounter him, like this church whose 100th anniversary we celebrate today? Churches like this where God is especially present — and special days like Holy Thursday, Good Friday and... More 

In a dark world, we are sons, daughters of light

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 27, 2023   

The events we celebrate today can be summarized by a single phrase: "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." We find this phrase in the prologue of John's Gospel (1:5) and it finds fulfillment in the events... More 

Deathbed wishes of Jesus to fulfill today

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 20, 2023   

When a prisoner is about to be executed, we ask whether he has any last words. Some ask for forgiveness, others continue to claim to be innocent, and still others just rant and rave. When loved ones are about to die, we ask whether they have any last... More 

Foot-washing a model of sacrificial service

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 13, 2023   

I think you all know that the Last Supper was the new Christian Passover, during which Jesus fulfilled the Old Passover by applying its symbols to himself. We now offer bread and wine to celebrate Jesus' liberation of us from slavery to the powers... More 

Story of loving father reveals sins of selfish sons

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: April 6, 2023   

If you've taken Psychology 101 you know that birth order influences how we see ourselves and is a factor in sibling rivalry. There are many exceptions, but the usual pattern is for the oldest child to be the responsible one. He has two goals: to... More 

Jesus’ heart moved by painful things in our lives

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: March 30, 2023   

The Greek philosophers had a concept of God’s perfection very different from that of the Bible. Their idea was that if something is the very best that is possible, it cannot change because all change is either improvement or decline. If improvement:... More 

Prayer, fasting help put aside sinful ways

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Published: March 15, 2023   

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor delivered this homily Feb. 22. Why is Ash Wednesday always one of the most well-attended liturgies of the year? It certainly isn't an upbeat and cheerful gathering, far from it. Only Good Friday is more somber. Nor is... More