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Do you know someone in a position of leadership in the business world (or a nonprofit organization) who brings their Catholic faith to bear on their life and work in Arkansas every day?


Leading with Faith in Arkansas Catholic


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Aug. 3, 2018


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Arkansas Catholic is introducing a new feature, Leading with Faith. We will profile Catholics who stand out for their faith-driven leadership at their business or organization. We want to celebrate Catholic business professionals in Arkansas whose business practices reflect the teachings of Christ and his Church.

Selected leaders will be featured in the Oct. 13 issue of Arkansas Catholic in these categories:
• Large business (50 or more employees)
• Small business (Fewer than 50 employees)
• Nonprofit organization

How do you know who’s a Leader in Faith? Here are some ideas.
• Maybe you see it in the way they treat their employees and customers.
• Maybe they assure a living wage and benefits for their workers.
• They may be role models or mentors to their team or others in the community.
• Their business may be active supporters, in cash or in kind, of the Church or community.
• Maybe they use their professional skills to volunteer in extraordinary ways.
• They may have persevered by faith in the face of personal or professional struggles.

Do you know a person who has Christ, faith or mercy at the center of both their personal and working lives? Nominate any active Catholic business professional working in the Diocese of Little Rock who displays faith, morality and ethics in their workplace.

Nominations are accepted from June 20 to August 3, 2018. Selected leaders will be featured in Arkansas Catholic's Oct. 13 issue.

By August 3, 2018, complete the online nomination form or print this form, fill it out and mail to Malea Hargett, Arkansas Catholic, PO Box 7417, Little Rock, AR 72217. For additional information, contact Malea Hargett by email to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know someone who I want to nominate but he works in Texas. Can I nominate him?
A: No, all nominees must be working in the Diocese of Little Rock. Nominees must be currently employed and working within the boundaries of the Diocese of Little Rock.

Q: I would like to nominate a friend but she actually lives in Oklahoma. Her office is in Arkansas, though. Can I nominate her?
A. Yes, as long as she is working in Arkansas she is qualified to be nominated.

Q. The deacon at our parish is a wonderful business owner. Could he be nominated?
Yes, all laity, religious and deacons are eligible to be nominated. Diocesan and extern priests are not eligible for nomination.  Employees of the Diocese of Little Rock, Catholic schools or parishes cannot be nominated for their work for the diocese, parish or school but may be nominated for their employment in another organization or business.

Q. What do you mean by “business professional”?
A business professional is anyone who owns, manages or supervises an Arkansas business or nonprofit. He or she must have a leadership or managerial role. This includes the owner, president, vice president, director, manager or supervisor. They can be providing a product or service to their communities.

Q. My father would make a great nominee. He was baptized Catholic but he really doesn’t have a parish. Can I nominate him?
All nominees must be practicing Catholics and active members of their parishes.