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Be-Attitudes for Believers

Our culture is filled with messages and ideologies competing for our attention. As Christians, we have the opportunity and responsibility to discern what is of true and lasting value. This series of 10 monthly articles explores some of what the Bible has to say to shape our attitudes and our way of being in the world. 

Catherine Upchurch, general editor of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible and contributor to several biblical publications, writes from Fort Smith.


Take on the same attitude as Christ Jesus

By Catherine Upchurch, Published: February 11, 2021   

On a recent visit to my niece’s home, her 2-year-old son became fussy and disgruntled. After several attempts to calm him down, my niece looked him straight in his eyes and said very calmly, “Thomas, I think it’s time you go to your room and adjust your attitude. You can come back and play when you find a new attitude.” He wasn’t happy about it, but he went straight to his room and in just More...