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Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's Dec. 3 issue.

Miami’s Cubans remember pain after Castro’s death

MIAMI -- While many celebrated loudly on the streets, the death of Fidel Castro triggered a more subdued reaction among the Cuban exiles who attended the noon Mass Nov. 26 at the National Shrine of Our Lady Charity.

Parish memories

John DeClark of Pocahontas, brother of the late Msgr. Rainer J. DeClerk, presents a check Nov. 19 to Father Norbert Rappold, pastor of St. Peter the Fisherman Church in Mountain Home, as part of the last of the disbursements of Msgr. DeClerk’s will. (Photo)

Contraceptive mandate awaits Trump action

WASHINGTON -- The Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious employers that challenged the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act have been cautiously breathing a sigh of relief since the presidential election.

Church in Mexico getting serious about protection for children

MEXICO CITY -- When Father Daniel Portillo set about designing programs to protect children and address allegations of sexual abuse, he quickly encountered a core challenge in Mexico: an unwillingness to acknowledge the very existence of a problem with predatory priests.

Pope Francis asks scientists to find solutions to save planet

VATICAN CITY -- Humanity does not own God’s gift of creation and has no right to pillage it, Pope Francis said.

Argentina homilies come with notes on preaching

ROME -- A pastor out of touch with his parishioners’ lives has little chance of preaching a homily that can make the Gospel come alive for them, Pope Francis said.

Church teaching says cremains require same respect as a body

On Oct. 25, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued an instruction called “Ad resurgendum cum Christo” (“To rise with Christ”). This instruction was largely a reminder as it mostly re-presented what has been the norm for the last 50 years regarding cremation in the Catholic Church. The instruction does, however, serve as a reminder not only for what we do and don’t do when cremation is chosen, but also why we treat cremated remains with respect and dignity. (Understanding our Church, Seeds of Faith)

What have you done to help those in need?

“I give money to homeless people because they feel helpless, like Christ did when he was carrying the cross. Those in need are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be able to ...” (Youthspeak, Seeds of Faith)

Simple prayer box taps into bigger spiritual hunger

The box went up on a Monday evening in August, a plain white box nestled inside a little wooden tent, mounted atop a fence and beneath the outermost reach of a maple. (Columns)

Let’s embrace beginning of Church year

After an intense national election season, we need a diversion. Let’s embrace Advent, which began on Nov. 27. (Guest commentary)