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Jimmy Rogers: Charity increases love, care for others

Adoration gives new dad fresh perspective on discipleship through Conway parish

Published: October 9, 2014   
Aprille Hanson
'It gives you more perspective to go out and meet people. It’s increased my charity, my love for others.' -Jimmy Rogers

Name: James Jackson “Jimmy” Rogers IV

Parish: St. Joseph, Conway

Family: Wife Jill and 9-month-old son Jackson Rogers V

Education/career: Bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Central Arkansas; works as an environmental scientist for FTN Associates in Little Rock.

Why you want to know Jimmy Rogers: For approximately four years, Jimmy, 33, has been at the helm of the St. Joseph Community Assistance program, helping to organize meetings and report to the church council. Rogers oversees about 12 other volunteers who take calls from the designated assistance line and often personally meets candidates needing assistance. He is also a founding member of the St. Joseph Adoration Team, a group of volunteers who encourage others to devote prayer time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Jimmy also recently joined the Knights of Columbus.


Arkansas Catholic’s theme this year is “Tools for Discipleship.” What religious items or tools do you rely on regularly to inform and inspire you?

Adoration; daily rosary is very important. Here’s one huge tool: Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs. When I make the drive to work, I’ll listen to them, I have about 150, 200 CDs, flying around the car. They’re about an hour long and the topics range from the saints to conversion stories to teachings ... a lot of it is apologetic based. Those CDs, hearing about studying the catechism, really increased my knowledge of Christianity and the Catholic Church. If not directly, it sparked an interest in finding more out.

Why did you volunteer for the Community Assistance program?

It’s a good thing to do. To begin with, I had just heard about it at church and that it was a good organization to be a part of and help people. As Christians, we talk about helping the poor, but sometimes do little more than writing the church a check ... it gives you more perspective to go out and meet people. It’s increased my charity, my love for others.

How has going to adoration strengthened your faith?

Adoration changed my life. I started going to adoration when I was in college with Deacon Richard (Papini) a few times; I’d be up at CYM (Catholic Youth Ministries) and he’d say, ‘Come to adoration.’ I went a couple of times, didn’t really get much out of it. After college I started going to daily Mass on regular basis, spending a little time in regular adoration. It was meaningful at that time, but I don’t think I fully experienced it until two years ago. My wife and I decided to take on an adoration hour right around the time before she found out she was pregnant. It’s very peaceful, very eye-opening it was helpful to me growing spiritually. You can’t sit at home and listen to God very well. Go to adoration, it’s amazing.

What are some of your hobbies outside of the Church?

I haven’t had much time lately, it’s amazing how much a little person can change your life. I like to do stuff outside, mountain biking, kayaking. I love to cook. I make food anytime people are coming over. I brew beer, I’ve got pumpkin now.

How has fatherhood changed your life?

It’s been amazing. It’s made me much more loving toward him, (my wife) and people in general … we don’t do the stuff we used to do or buy things we would have, but it doesn’t matter. I think before I had a kid, I worried about that … but it livens everything in your life, when I walk through the door and see him.

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