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Exorcism expert discusses God's power over demons

Published: December 6, 2019   

CONWAY — Queue up the latest horror flick about a person possessed by a demon and get ready for a terrifying, sensationalized ride of a priest going to battle with evil. The question of who is going to win, Christ through the priest or the devil,... More 

For 50 years, teens find their own bond to Christ in Search

By Aprille Hanson, Published: December 5, 2019      

Allison Post felt like a hypocrite. Attending diocesan Search retreat #108 in the fall of 2004 during her junior year, she wasn’t questioning her faith, but she wasn’t truly living it. “I went to church and I believed, but then my... More 

Keep it real: Arkansas Catholic delivers the truth

Published: December 4, 2019   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's Nov. 30 issue. Some of the stories and columns in Arkansas Catholic appear only in the print and digital editions. To read what you're missing, subscribe today.   Barron:... More 

Associate pastor from Haiti enlightens Rogers community

By Alesia Schaefer, Published: December 3, 2019   

ROGERS — As the humanitarian crisis wears on in Haiti, those who call the country home find the situation frustrating, but all too familiar. Father Rodolphe Balthazar personally experienced the crippling challenges of the current circumstances... More 

Calvary Cemetery Hot Springs makes room for more to rest

By James Keary, Published: December 2, 2019   

HOT SPRINGS — Footings were poured Nov. 18 for the two new columbaria to be installed at the expanded Calvary Cemetery. It marked the beginning of the expansion of the cemetery, which will include the new columbarium and a prayer garden. The... More 

Movie about St. Faustina returns for two nights only

By Mark Pattison , Published: November 29, 2019   

WASHINGTON — Kamila Kaminska, the Polish actress who played St. Faustina Kowalska in the new movie “Love and Mercy: Faustina,” read the diaries her fellow countrywoman wrote to help prepare for the role. “It was an amazing experience,”... More 

Warren church blends old architecture into new space

By Malea Hargett, Published: November 28, 2019            

WARREN — The dedication of St. Luke Church in Warren Nov. 23 was a culmination of years of work from people around the diocese. For the small community made up of Hispanic families in Bradley County, the boost in money and donated items made... More 

Arkansas Catholic subscribers won't miss a thing

Published: November 27, 2019   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's Nov. 23 issue. Some of the stories and columns in Arkansas Catholic appear only in the print and complete digital editions. To read what you're missing, subscribe... More 

Bulldogs resume the march of a high school golf dynasty

By Dwain Hebda, Published: November 26, 2019   

One stroll through the St. Joseph High School gymnasium in Conway is all it takes to understand this is a school that takes its athletics seriously. On every wall, the spoils of teams past set the mark for current and future Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs... More 

Bishop names diocesan director pastor of Christ the King

Published: November 25, 2019   

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor announced the following pastoral appointment: Effective Jan. 1 Rev. Erik Pohlmeier appointed pastor of Christ the King Church in Little Rock. This is in addition to his current responsibilities as diocesan director of faith... More