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Where victims of addiction can turn for help

Published: March 27, 2020   

There are several resources for addictions available to Arkansans.   Alcohol and drugs • Catholic Charities of Arkansas list of local drug and alcohol treatment centers; •... More 

Science or myth? The truth about addiction

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2020   

For someone who does not suffer from an addiction, understanding why a person cannot simply quit harming themselves on their own can be confusing and infuriating. According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health through the federal agency... More 

Bringing light to destruction of pornography addiction

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2020   

At 9 years old, Mark Ives first saw pornography at his uncle’s gas station, a book an employee brought. He fits in with today’s demographic — children on average are exposed to porn around the age of 7. For the next 44 years, he dealt... More 

You say you can’t put that smartphone down?

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2020   

With every text alert, social media scroll and video binge on YouTube, the brain is changing. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center survey, 81 percent of Americans go online daily, with 28 percent going online constantly and 45 percent several times... More 

Priests and religious not immune to the risk of addiction

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2020   

One priest said his rock bottom moment came after eating pot — not baked, but straight marijuana. Before he was a Benedictine, this monk passed out drunk after turning on his stove, causing the fire department to knock down his door. Another... More 

Their son couldn’t get off the medication merry-go-round

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2020   

In 2004, the Catholic High School football players lined up on the field for senior night, each holding a flower for their mother, who walked on the field to them.  “They announced me and Danny comes running off the field to me, picks me... More 

Make a meaningful confession for Lent — in your car

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2020   

Father Patrick Friend sat under a tent in the rain in the Catholic High School Little Rock parking lot March 18, waiting to absolve people of their sins. It’s hardly a drive-up window, but a similar concept with a drive-through confession. He invited... More 

Faithful Catholics get creative in Covidic Time

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 26, 2020   

Living with the threat of COVID-19 spread is surreal, almost like the plot to the next blockbuster movie as daily schedules are upended by the ever-growing list of shutdowns and cancellations.  Social media has called it “apocalyptic”... More 

What you need to know is in Arkansas Catholic

Published: March 25, 2020   

Here are some of the stories you missed if you didn't read Arkansas Catholic's March 21 issue. Some of the stories and columns in Arkansas Catholic appear only in the print and free digital editions. To read what you're missing, subscribe... More 

Digital Church: Where can you watch Mass in the diocese?

Published: March 24, 2020   

Where can you watch Mass in the Diocese of Little Rock? Masses on Facebook, YouTube and are held daily across the Diocese of Little Rock. Masses are in English unless otherwise noted. Masses offered on priest’s personal Facebook... More