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From his first days, Bishop Sartain inspired us through homilies and columns

Published: June 24, 2006   

He wrote nearly 300 columns in Arkansas Catholic and spoke at hundreds of special events and Masses across the diocese. Here are a few memorable quotes from various columns, interviews and homilies over the years.

  • "I really believe the Catholic Church is poised in the decades ahead to have an extraordinary impact on culture, life and society. Part of that is because we are at a stage where we can appreciate what it means to be Catholic."
    -- Arkansas Catholic, March 4, 2000

  • "My heart has spoken of God, and my heart has spoken of all of you. Be not afraid, God says to us, my grace is enough. What shall we do? We shall put our trust in the grace of God. Everything is a grace."
    -- Arkansas Catholic, March 11, 2000, during his ordination Mass

  • "The room shook. That's what many people have told me, in those exact words or similar words, about their experience on my episcopal ordination on March 6."
    -- First column, April 8, 2000

  • "This week I'm slowing down to let God restore what I squander whenever I work as if everything depends on me."
    -- Aug. 11, 2001 column

  • "What St. Paul understood best was that all the credit goes to God. Heroes and heroines of the past inspire us, but they were first inspired by God."
    -- Aug. 21, 2004 column

  • "Parish conflicts are often accompanied by gossip, which can be harmless or devastating. Why do we have a need to perpetuate such things, to make them our business?"
    -- Feb. 24, 2001 column

  • "In my opinion, there is no better lunch than three Krystal or White Castle cheeseburgers, a bowl of Krystal chili and a Diet Coke.... There's no accounting for taste."
    -- June 10, 2000 column

  • "I often tell people that being a bishop is good for my spiritual life. By that I mean that God challenges me constantly to deepen my commitment to him, to live and act on my faith and trust in him, and that I must turn to him in prayer without ceasing."
    -- Arkansas Catholic, March 5, 2005, marking his fifth anniversary in state

  • "Priests share in the priesthood of Christ. Ours is not a ministry anyone would dare take upon himself, but only if called by God."
    -- July 10, 2004 column

  • "Church work is about Christian discipleship, but one must also have street smarts to be a parish secretary."
    -- Sept. 20, 2003 column

  • "Becoming a bishop, what I wanted to do is to continue to be a pastor, which I am. The bishop is the pastor of the diocese, so I wanted to approach my ministry as bishop in the same way I did as pastor."
    -- Arkansas Catholic, July 12, 2003, on his 25th anniversary as a priest

  • "Pope John Paul II is pastor of more than one billion Catholics. Imagine the army needed to accomplish that task -- clergy, religious and laity."
    -- June 12, 2004 column

  • "No Christian parents would ever think of letting their son fend for himself in learning about God, since they know faith is God's gift to be cherished and passed on. They teach him about God and how to pray. They take him to church and help with his prayers each night. They give good example and show him what faith in action means. They instill in him reverence for God and a proper sense of religious obligation. They know that faith in God is essential to every human life."
    -- July 24, 2004 column

  • "I have a feeling that much of the time in my prayer, God is trying to begin the conversation by saying, 'Peter, slow down. Wait. Look around this chapel. Make yourself present to Me. I am already present to you. Presence is more important than words. Waiting for me is the best antidote to the stress of your fast-paced day.'"
    -- Nov. 13, 2004 column

  • "I was overwhelmed when I found out he would be bishop of Little Rock. I don't care what he does as long as he's a good, holy priest. That is all I ever pray for, and now I will pray that he is a good, holy bishop. It's just almost more than a mother can absorb. I like to think of the Blessed Mother, 'The Almighty has done great things for me and holy is his name.' That's the way I feel."
    -- Catherine Poole Sartain in 2000, the bishop's mother who died last year.

    Click here for the index of stories about Bishop J. Peter Sartain's six years in Arkansas. For the complete report, see the June 24, 2006 print edition of Arkansas Catholic.

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