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Published: August 19, 2020   
CNS / Vatican Media

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‘I baptize you’: Modified formulas for baptisms are not valid

VATICAN CITY -- Changing the words of the formula for baptism render the sacrament invalid, said the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

U.S. bishops join Pope Francis in praying for Lebanon after Beirut blast

WASHINGTON -- The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the chairman of its Committee on International Justice and Peace expressed solidarity with Lebanon and joined Pope Francis in his call for prayers for the nation following the deadly Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut.

Alleged visionary says Mary foretold COVID-19 pandemic

TREVIGNANO ROMANO, Italy -- An Italian woman who claims to regularly experience supernatural visions said Mary told her in September 2019 that a new disease would soon emerge from China.

Vatican workers who meet public tested for COVID-19 antibodies

VATICAN CITY -- Vatican employees and workers who have contact with the public are being tested for the antibodies for COVID-19, said the new director of the Vatican department of health and hygiene.

Where can we find God’s presence in the pandemic?

As someone who works in the field of spiritual formation, I provide people space to ask, “Where is God in this?” (Faith Alive, Seeds of Faith)

What does Church say about Mass in Latin? 

Q. Could you explain what the Church’s official position is on the use of the Latin language in the Mass? In one nearby parish, much of the Mass is celebrated in Latin most of the time.  (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

Be surprised at what happens when you share your faith 

Italian food sounded unusually good on a hot summer day last year. I dug around in my purse and found a gift card for Olive Garden. My husband and I casually strolled in for a late lunch and found the restaurant was not busy. Our server, a young lady named Brittany, had an engaging personality and charming smile that set her apart from the average server. She helped us choose from the menu and as we talked with her, the conversation turned from food to Church. (Columns)

Sanger’s name being removed is a start

On July 21, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York decided to remove the name of Margaret Sanger, one of the main founders of this organization, from its Manhattan clinic.  (Guest Commentary, Opinons)

Time to make plans for faith living this fall

How are you coping with the pandemic? After five months of quarantine, if you haven’t already gotten to the place of sadness, anger and disappointment you are probably getting there now. (Editorial)

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