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Published: March 10, 2021   
Courtesy Christ the King School

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Happier birthdays

Junior high students at Christ the King School in Little Rock continued their tradition of making birthday bags for Helping Hand food pantry. (Photo)


Charlotte Ann Poorman Miller, 75, formerly a member of Christ the King Church in Little Rock, died Feb. 22 in Peoria, Ill. Before she retired to Illinois, she was a teacher and chairwoman of the English Department for 31 years at Mount St. …

Michigan parishioners attend Mass in ‘chapel of divine chill’ 

DEARBORN, Mich. — More than 300 parishioners and students gathered around an altar sculpted from ice and snow for a unique Mass at Divine Child Elementary School in Dearborn.

Latest Pixar movie discusses souls, but Catholic view is much deeper

Pixar’s latest release, “Soul,” tells the story of an aspiring jazz musician, Joe, who falls down a manhole on his way to his “big break.” When he finds himself as a soul disassociated from his body, he is frantic to return to earth and have his shot at being a real jazz musician. (Understanding our Church, Seeds of Faith)

Does original sin send babies to hell?

Q. When I was a Protestant, I never heard mention of “original sin.” We were told that each person is responsible for their own sins — and need not even worry about sin until we approached “the age of accountability,” usually said to be about the age of 10. Until then, we were told, people are in a “state of grace” — meaning that, if they died, they would go to heaven. (Question Corner, Seeds of Faith)

Has this pandemic affected your relationship with God?

“Over the pandemic, I’ve been trying to get closer to God, but it’s really been hard. One of the main reasons why it has been hard is because the pandemic is blocking me from going to church, and virtual church is just really different and unnatural. It’s also hard for me because …" (Youthspeak, Seeds of Faith)

Don’t ever lose hope Jesus will fulfill promise

Our bedtime routine with our 3-year-old daughter is quite simple. (Columns)

Iraq trip comes with high risk, high reward

It has been 15 months since Pope Francis made a pastoral trip outside Italy and that by itself makes his March 5-8 mission to Iraq newsworthy. But there's much more at stake here than dipping his toe into foreign waters for apostolic purposes. (Guest commentary)

Find a better system than cash bail in state

As we look for what can be done to improve our unjust criminal justice system, we can examine what happened recently in Illinois. It is the first state to end cash bail. (Editorial)

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