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When two become ONE

A wedding is one day. But Catholic couples plan to make a marriage for a lifetime.


Can I?: Answers to common marriage questions

Published: March 28, 2017   

Deacon Matt Glover, chancellor for canonical affairs for the Diocese of Little Rock, answers common questions engaged couples might have about what is expected of them from Church law when it comes to their wedding and marriage. What are the “right” reasons for being married in the Catholic Church? “We believe that the Catholic Church contains the fullness of truth, and thus the fullness of every means by which we can get to heaven. And More... 

Preparation must center on marriage and faith

By Aprille Hanson, Published: March 27, 2017      

On March 4, Bob and Dolores Moellers renewed their commitment to each other before God at Christ the King Church in Little Rock, surrounded by more than 50 people their love had brought together — nine children, their spouses and grandchildren.  It was a moment to reflect on their wedding vows from March 2, 1957. But life is drastically different from their wedding day, as the two, Robert, 83, who has Parkinson’s disease, and his wife More... 

Debt-free, budgeted weddings are best start for marriage

Published: March 27, 2017   

Elizabeth Reha, director of the diocesan Family Life Office, said the top questions she hears from engaged couples are about finances. Some of the questions are how to blend their money together and also concerns about debt. “I have heard on a couple of occasions that the person wasn’t sure if they were ready to marry because the other person had $40-50,000 in debt, which is a lot of money,” Reha said. “But if you love More... 

Checklist for your Catholic wedding

Published: March 26, 2017   

• Contact your parish to set up an appointment with your pastor at least six months prior to your tentative wedding date. At this time, the initial paperwork and assessment will begin. This would be the time to discuss special circumstances with the priest, regarding pregnancy, being underage, previously married or having a different religious background from your partner. • Each partner will take a premarital inventory administered by the priest or deacon titled Facilitating Open More...